Saturday, October 20, 2007

today's post is brought to you by the letter "P"

So we woke up this morning & decided that the letter of the day would be "P". We Mitchells do this from time to time - dedicate entire days to letters. So, today it was "P," which turned out to be quite convenient since Lu & her Daddy had a date for Pancakes this morning followed by some playtime on the playground. So Lu put on her big girl panties, a shirt & pants & they were out the door. But of all things the Pancake machine at McDonald's was broken? What else can you order a 2 year old for breakfast that starts with the letter "P" - mom might have gone with the Parfait...but this is Dad & he doesn't gravitate towards the biscuits it is! It's amazing how many things begin with the letter P! Fascinating really. Please. Pillow. PaPa. Pet. Purple. Pink. We had Peanut butter & Purple jelly sandwiches on the Porch for lunch. Pleasant. There were Potty breaks on this day dedicated to P. And then when all woke up from sleepy naps....we drove 1,000 miles to the Pumpkin Patch & you'll never guess what was there.....Pigs! And another Playground! And, of course, Pumpkins. Which, I must tell you, Lu was not much interested in. We headed home & had pasta for dinner, which was honestly just a coincidence, but worked out nicely. Said our prayers and they are off to dreamland. Just a fun memory of a day for us. I promise not to Sesame Street you every day....but who knows, maybe I will :)

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Cara said...

We love reading your blog too! We will definitely let you know when we are headed to Piedmont Park Playgroud.. Doe that work for "P" day!