Saturday, May 16, 2009

Botanical Gardens

Well, Dad came home from Germany - YAY!!!! Life is just better here when he's around. We had a great Saturday. We went to the botanical gardens - they have done some renovations - amazing! You really need to make a trip over there.
Here are some pictures from the day.

That adorable boy was actually in conversation with the frogs....the same frogs that his older sister runs away from. He was seeing what book they were reading. I know he's 2 & that with 2 come some pretty frustrating moments....but the adorable & funny moments are starting to outweigh the temper tantrums. I would tell you some things he's doing, but it involves me imitating the way he talks...which just isn't the easiest things to do - so I'll pass, but just know that you're really missing out - 'cause he's a fun-ny guy.
And, oh my goodness, that face. Look at that sweet sweet face.
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Monday, May 11, 2009

Preschool Mother's Day

Well, Thursday was Mother's day at my big girl's school. It was a blast! I felt so special....I cannot believe I got to be a part of this. They created portraits of us - that's all of us moms looking all pretty there. Mine is 3rd from the right. It's on my fridge right now - right next to the one she did for Dad's day about a month ago. We make a cute couple. They filled out those fun questionnaires about how old I am & what my favorite color is. It was sweet. And I knew it was mine about 3 questions in. She kept a great poker face, but seemed pretty psyched when I guessed it correctly. They had a nail painting station & a place to plant tomato seeds & make bracelets....all of it is such an amazing memory in my mind.

This was her showing off her nails....the room was crowded & I couldn't get far enough back to get a good shot of them, but trust me....I did a good job. The left hand is bright pink & the right hand is bright purple. You know, to match her red dress.
Happy Mother's Day!
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Sunday, May 10, 2009

more soccer

So not many action shots here. But seriously, she's four.
Regardless, here's the deal....her confidence has really grown out there. I don't think she has a deep love for the game of soccer, but I'll give her credit for trying.
Lee took her out the other day to just kick the ball around & apparently she had a bad attitude about it. Really threw the wet blanket on a supposed to be fun experience.....and the next Scripture memory verse came to be...."Whatever you do work at it with all of your heart as working for the Lord & not for men." And I'll you......she's getting it. Little by little she's getting it.

How adorable is that sweet face??
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