Sunday, February 22, 2009

google me

So, there are a few blogs I read as frequently as I can - one being Hood Mama's. Not only does she have amazing story, but she's really really funny. I'm not gonna lie - she's the girl at the cool kids table & i wanna sit there. She's great & I don't know her & probably never will. Not even real sure how I stumbled across her blog, but do yourself a favor & stumble on over there as well...AFTER you do this. She had a funny suggestion today & I could very well be the last person on the planet to do this, but I have three kids & I've been kinda busy lately. I found it entertaining. Go to google & google your name with the word "needs" after it. Then list the 1st ten things that pop up.

Here's mine...

1. Davis needs surgery on vocal cords - after the day i had with the kids, that's possibly true.

2. Davis needs more time to study taxes - who doesn't?! Because, seriously, if I had some extra time - THAT is what I'd get into.

3. Davis needs to accept loss - of my pre-pregnancy figure?

4. Davis needs new clothes - true. And a little embarrasing that someone else is picking up on it. Lee, are you reading this??

5. Davis needs 7 volunteers - this is amazing. I hadn't thought of it. But 7 volunteers would actually come in real handy right now. Anyone? Anyone?

6. Davis needs a Tan galleries. - what?

7. Davis needs to retire petition - done.

8. Davis needs to stop hitting the reset button. - My computer is trying to get my attention. I'm listenting. Thanks for communicating, i'll do my best.

9. Davis needs more victory bell. Do you mean more COWbell?? Because I really could use a little more cowbell, baby.

10. Davis needs your support - in this economy......well, yes, i could use your support.

That was fun for me. Now it's your turn....have fun!

I've never tagged anyone on anything & am not sure how you do I just type their names & let them know? That's what I'll do & if i need to do something different next time I'll trust someone to clue me in.

Consider yourself tagged......Jill, Ashleigh, Kristen, and Kelly - who doesn't have a blog but she's on facebook like all the time & i think she'll like that she was tagged. ;)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

that baby

Before I go any further, let me clarify that the Bulldog hat on her head is for the MISSISSIPPI STATE BULLDOGS....Lee might have never spoken to me again if that wasn't pointed out. My alma mater. And an acceptable team to cheer for in our household....Lee encourages the kids to say, "Go State!" rather than "Go Bulldogs!" He's a big Ga Tech fan - if you haven't figured that out. But the point of this whole post is quite simply to show off how big that baby is getting. She's so sweet. And it is amazing how fast the time flies. She doesn't look like an infant anymore......and the kids don't treat her like one either......she will lie on a blanket & the big kids will just drag the blanket with her on it around the house...and she LOVES it.
I think it's safe to say that we're in for some fun memories here....
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Saturday, February 14, 2009

my kitchen is a disaster

From about 1-330 each day I have some down time - all 3 go down for naps or room/quiet time & with 3 kids....well, it's a joyous time that I rarely give up for anything. But Valentine's day is tomorrow & baking & decorating cookies just seemed like something I couldn't pass up. So it went......2 of the 3 went to bed & the eldest & I set out to destroy the kitchen. She literally took the flour & rubbed it all over her face.
It was one of those days......I bought all of the fun red, pink & white sprinkles & such about a month ago & tucked it away. Very unlike me. I'm a procrastinator. I work best under pressure & I have my best ideas at the 11th hour. I can't think of a time in all my years of school that I ever ever ever had a paper completed on time & they always turned out pretty darn good.
If I start my Christmas shopping too early I simply have more time to spend money so it's best to leave all the shopping & all the prep for all the projects until the last minute.
But I digress, I can't find the sprinkles anywhere.
Which is why I should never sway from my ways of normalcy.
But I can be stubborn - and yes, even about things like valentine's cookies...because the opportunity is there only for a what to do?
Load 3 kids in the car & head to the store??, not so much. Oh & did I mention the sugar cookie mix I also bought for this exact occasion was MIA as well......
No big deal...take butter out of the fridge - get it to room temp. Grab the sugar....oh, wait.....I'm like just about out of sugar.....annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd how do you make sugar cookies without sugar. Well, according to the internet - you use brown sugar. & we used food coloring to color the little white sugar I did have & we had a little bit of random sprinkles ......

And they turned out fantastic! We had a blast. So Happy Valentine's Day everybody! Thanks for tuning in to the very long winded story of how the cookies came to be :).

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Friday, February 13, 2009

Big Sister

Precious moments around this house.
The big sister has truly taken on her role again as big sister. Now, she can't read - but the baby doesn't know that & I'm not tellin' :). My favorite part of this picture is the baby girl's bib.....see if you can read what it says.
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We had the baby's dedication at our church last weekend. I love the format that Buckhead church implements & the process they put the parents through. Lee & I were asked to listen to a series of messages - one helping look farther down the road so that we can prepare her heart now for who she will grow into in the future, another about our committment to our marriage being the number 1 modeling tool we can offer her & another simply about being an intentional parent for a preschooler. We then had to list 5 values that we want our children & family to value. It was exciting! For the dedication we sit with our family - grandparents & others - & we tell them how we plan to raise our family & ask them to be a part of it with us. It's neat because when do you really get to say - "you may not agree with where we are, but these are our hopes for our family & we need you to all partner with us." It really recognizes that me & lee & our children truly have a much bigger family circle - & if those relationships are going to grow stronger it is so helpful to have communicated who you are & where you're headed.
This was our famiy picture from that day. It was an amazing memory for us. Oh how I pray that we will live out the things we intend to ...
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Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Call me old fashioned......but I am just not ready for all of this!! It's so hard because she just had the best time dressing up & (gasp) putting on make up....I know, I know, it's not a big deal. But I want her to not know about this stuff for a while....or to at least not to want to wear it for a very long while. But those giggles - they're hard to resist.
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Tuesday, February 3, 2009


OK, i love this. Just a few minutes ago I walked into the playroom where the big sister was busy at work. She had her dry erase markers out & she was creating some crazy cool stuff on the board. I asked her to tell me all about it. She started with this picture here. You see the bottom left pointy beaky looking thing? That is apparently his mouth. The circles are one of his eyes. The other eye is on the other side & we can't see it. With a smile she described in detail this monster-y type of creature that she calls......are you ready for this??

The bathroom scale.
Amen, sister.
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Sunday, February 1, 2009

New blog picture

So, I was thinking - it's about time that I put the baby's picture in the blog I did. And it's kinda overwhelming - don't know how to make it less big. But she's she should be & I may never correct it - just being honest. I mean the list of things that I have let hit the floor is getting longer & longer so the chances of me working on fixing that picture are slim to none leaning down on none.
But enjoy their sweet faces.........