Friday, October 26, 2007


If you've been following the blog since the beginning, which is really not that long ago, then you know about Troy & Mary. I actually did an entire post about them. They're pretty amazing people - you should get to know them.......and YOU CAN! Troy started blogging again. Crazy that "blog" is a verb. It would have been a word that could get you put int he corner back in our elementary school days & now it's a legit action word. Anyway, Troy & Mary have a blog. You should check it out - see link to the left.

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Troy said...

Never before have I had such encouraging publicity! Thanks, Davis, for the shout. You and Lee are the amazing ones-can't wait to blog about you guys. If anyone does read the [now] blog, please note that the opinions are solely those of the the author and not his wife (Mary). She has far more wisdom and insight to share than my blog and I'd hate for folks to think that it represents both of us.