Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I am always amazed with the way Lu chooses to do things - simple things like...putting on a shirt or eating - the way she does it sometimes has me convinced that there may be some extra creativity in her veins. Which will make for a very crafty household.....which puts a big smile on my face. She's an artist! Just look at her.

So intent in her painting. Mixing the colors just so. We bought some new paints yesterday - not your basic water colors, but the real deal-crayola-tempera-bright-colored- paint-on-real-paper paints. Exciting stuff.

So, I put it all out for her mind to start working - we went over the painting rules, she repeated them to me - we're good. I left the room for a moment & came back to see that she had poured the contents of the water to clean her brushes all over the paints. Clever...I guess. Maybe the step of moving the brush to another location to clean them was tiresome so she combined the steps together.....OK...i get it. So, we made a new rule. Let's not pour the water out of the cup. Clear. Concise. Feeling good.

I sat with my little genius for a little while & watched her paint & then scooted out for a moment to unload the dishwasher. When I was finished I walked back in & sat with her at her little table & noticed the water was gone. "Where's the water, Lu?"

"I drank it!"

Never saw it coming.....

Game over.

We'll try again tomorrow.


Mary Harwell said...

HILARIOUS! What can ya do? She did not break any of your rules!!!

Rebecca Allman said...

Davis this is so funny!I love reading! You're a really good writer, ya know that? I love to see what's going on w/ y'all because I never get to see you :(! Miss you!

Paige said...

That is hysterical! :)