Thursday, December 27, 2007

woo woo! oh man!

Christmas morning was fun. L went to bed swearing that she heard reindeer. And after we tucked her & the kid in & said our prayers - Lee & I were downstairs relaxing & I remembered that we had forgotten to leave Santa his cookies! So we got her up. She was so excited but not totally sure about what.

When L enters a situation she tends to take it all in & when she's got her bearings, she just lets loose. This morning was no different. She saw toys, but she didn't react immediately. She stood there & was quiet. We asked her some questions, "Do you see the toys that Santa brought you & B?" She nodded. It wasn't much longer after that - it was like we put coffee in her sippy cup or something. She was wired. When she was opening a present that daddy & I gave her, she actually said, "Woo Woo!" & then, "Oh Man!" She's a crack up. I didn't know she knew those terms & she used them so perfectly in a sentence. I have it on video. CLICK HERE

I'll translate for those who may not totally understand what she's goes something like this..."woo woo. oh man! I have seen this before"

Merry Christmas everybody! And...Woo Woo!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

It's the most wonderful time of the year.....

It was an interesting night. We've known for 2 years that tonight could go either way. It could be a joyous occasion - one for the memory books, or it could be full of tears - a chance to be brave & still one for the memory books. We visited Santa & it was the latter.
2 years ago, I dressed my precious little angel in her Christmas dress & I had big ideas for what this moment would hold. Looks of amazament & wonder - the magic of Christmas. None of that was present - at least not with our little party of 3. We had screams, tears & eventually the camera took a picture of L on my lap on Santa's lap. Embarrassing. But a really funny memory. The things we do for our children. I was totally unprepared for that....I had not even taken a shower & I chose to sit on Santa Claus' lap in front of 50 other onlookers so that I could have it documented forever? My brain wasn't functioning properly at that moment, because now whenever we talk about L's 1st traumatic visit with Santa we pull out a picture of ME sitting on Santa's lap with my daughter. Needless to say, we skipped Santa last year.

However.......we had been really working up for this year. We have been to the mall SEVERAL times to see what other children do when they meet Santa Claus, we've talked about who the big man in the red suit is & how he brings toys to little boys & girls on Christmas, how mommy & daddy think he's a good man & that we'll be right there watching....and then we talked about being brave & that even if you're a little afraid & even if you feel like crying that it's important to try anyway.
Ugh. Not fun.
We are in line & she is a little uncomfortable. We've made the list for Santa & she's a little bit interested in this man who might have some pull in bringing these amazing things to her house for her to play with. I thought we had a shot. We got closer & I even heard the man behind us say, "She doesn't look so sure. She looks like she really wants to, but not sure she can." He was dead on right. She wanted to succeed so badly - we could tell that she wanted to conquer this. So we put little brother on Santa's knee- no problem. Laid back little man, just chillin' out with Santa Claus & his sister sits down .... no, she was placed down after her arms & legs were pried from her father's body....screaming, crying, not thrilled. I look at Lee & say, "What do I do?" We agreed to let her go through it. I turned to the faces behind me & said, "I am a terrible mother".

But I have to be honest, & I am not just saying this to make myself feel better (though it does)....she was proud of herself. We sat her down afterwards with her & her candy cane & said, "You did it! You sat on his knee just liked we talked about! It's ok that you cried! You were scared & you sat on his knee anyway! So brave!" And she puffed up a little bit. All grins from that moment on. I, personally, am exhausted from the experience & I think I may make an effort to avoid Santa for the remainder of this Christmas season. But next year....I have high hopes for 2008.

funny funny

I'm sure I'm biased, but my kids are funny. In fact, i think my 3 year old is the funniest person I know. The things that she does totally crack me up....and I know that it is partially because she's my kid because I tell stories & other people don't laugh as loud as I do...but trust me - she's really really funny. I caught her dancing today & actually had the camera take a gander at my funny little girl in her element.....hilarious.

Monday, December 17, 2007

the best day

My girl seems to love time more than anything. If life gets a little hectic, she responds to that with tantrums & sudden loss of hearing...but if you give her undivided quality time.....she snaps back. Before Bo came, she & i were together a lot. She is most fun to run errands with, have lunch with, grab coffee with.....she & I had a lot of time & a lot of fun together. We don't get as much of that 1 on 1 anymore & we both miss it. So for her birthday - the actual day, the 3 of 3 birthday parties - I decided to see if someone could be with the boy so she & I could hang out for a day. We had breakfast together at McDonald's & then we picked up her best friend & her mother. We went to Sketchy's Art Pad, which is the coolest place ever! An open art studio for kids. There is a plexiglass easel & chalk boards & paint & glue & noodles & glitter & clay & just everything fit for a kids creative mind.
And so went birthday party #3. The final birthday party. And it's a good thing. She was getting a little too comfortable in the spot light. Life will be back to normal just in time for Santa's visit & then I suppose we'll be back to square one.
I can't believe I have a 3 year old!

two of three

So birthday party #2 happened & was much fun. Lu's highlights are too many to list - but the balloons were up there. She had 3 balloons, 3 pizzas & 3 friends...well, 2 cousins & a brother. She was fun to watch - she has an enthusiasm that is contagious. She actually ate her pizza AND her cake with her face. Not kidding. She actually did this last year, too. I'm not sure what stops me from correcting her. Maybe I'm envious. I would love to feel that freedom. No fork, no fingers....just her face. She blew out the candles & I, once again, forgot to tell her to make a wish. Next year we'll hit that point. When we got home we gave her an "extruder kit" - i'll explain. The family business that Lee works with is a ceramic manufacturing plant. One division of the company extrudes ceramic play dough. So we really gave her a play dough kit....but it's much more fun to say we got her an "extruder kit" - & we'll keep on calling it that. Lee & I were talking after the kids were in bed about the party & one thing he asked me was, "did you see L going around the table eating everyone else's leftover cake?" It explains a lot actually.

Friday, December 14, 2007

one of three

So my precious little pumpkin is turning 3. And for many different reasons, she will have 3 birthday parties. All small, mostly with just family. She will spend her actual birthday with her very best friend - but as for the blowing out the candle will just be family. A friend made total sense of this for me by saying, "Well, I mean, she IS turning three. So it makes perfect sense that she should have THREE parties" What am I setting myself up for here? It can't be good. 10 parties for the 10th? I just don't see it.
My dad, sister, etc were all here this week so we celebrated birthday party #1. Such fun. She LOVES cupcakes, And she totally "gets" the opening presents thing. Seems to thoroughly enjoy that part. And it seems for me that December, which already held its own challenges to the waistline...great food, someone always baking cookies, every excuse in the book to just indulge, has gotten worse for me. We threw a birthday in the mix. With cake, pizza, candy, & on & on. And with the whole 3 birthday parties....well, i'm doomed. It's sure to be a disaster for me & my relationship with my blue jeans. But I digress. The cupcakes were a hit. The scooter & the tee ball set given to L by her granddaddy are also a hit. The books that her aunt, uncle & cousin gave her....i just finished reading them to her & put her in the bed. It's been a blast & will continue to be a blast...I'll keep you posted with birthday party pictures :). Here's birthday party #1!

And this is what we had to put to bed that night.......ahhhhhh the joy of sugar.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


My dad has been here & my sister & her family also came to visit for a few days - they actually headed home just yesterday. My little girl is so bummed that her cousin is gone. They have lived far away for quite a while & this is the 1st time they are really old enough to play together & enjoy it. It was so much fun to watch. They truly had the best time! Here are some pictures of the girls....

the show's over

It's been a while since I posted so there may be a few back to back coming....lots going on. Hence the lack of posting. So.....what's been happenin'.....well, the show for one. And it was a blast. As always - the best one yet. I think it will always be that way. Each year those who have done it before have gotten to know each other a little better & each year there is someone new with something so unique & creative...this year there were many of these people. It seemed to be a success for all & Wendi & I can't wait for next year! Here are some pictures from the day & I have posted contact info for all of the vendors on the Market Page.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

christmas tree

What a great day! Most of the day was spent with family & extended family from all over at The Mitchell Family Christmas Party. Santa visited & handed out some toys, we ate lunch, played a gift game & the Lee Mitchells came home to bake cookies & decorate a tree. LuLu got a pair of slippers (that sort of match Mommy's :) )

My sweet Father In Law asked me a question yesterday. He asked if I liked Christmas. I had to admit that Christmas was not always my favorite holiday - don't get me wrong - I always had that excitement in my stomach each Christmas eve & there are traditions I always looked forward to, but there was definitely always a little stress added to this holiday for different reasons. But God is so good & has restored it for me. When Lee & I married - life kind of "stabilized" for me. He's so steady & he brings that to our family. I am the dramatic one & can over think or over emotionalize just about anything. He keeps us all steady. Christmas began to feel .... steady. And then on December 17th when we met our little girl for the first time....well, Christmas has become something I look forward to all year long. Hot chocolate, marshmallows, a new Christmas CD, old Christmas music, pulling out the ornaments....all of it. I am so excited for all of it! The best part for me, is getting to tell Lu about Santa Claus & all that goes along with that....but to remind her that Christmas is about Jesus being born & that being good is not what makes Him love her....or me. What a gift to be reminded of that with all the effort put forth to pleasing others know that God knew that we could never do it on our own....we needed help. And so Christmas - such a special time to focus & get a little girl to hear a little bit about unconditional love & saving grace.

So, may you enjoy this Christmas season as much as I am.