Wednesday, October 17, 2007

bo's gotta girlfriend

.....and I must say, I approve. Ansley Combes is "good people." I laughed with a friend recently as we joked that now that we have kids of our own, we believe that arranged marriage isn't such a bad idea :). But after watching these 2 together, it seems that they may choose each other all on their own. What is this - babies courting? Very physical, these 2. Ansley & Bo are only 26 days apart, which means that Ansley's mom & I were pregnant at the same time & I'm thinking these 2 must have gotten familiar with each other during their times together in the womb somehow....otherwise, i have a very forward little man on my hands. I mean, how funny is that? But, I have got to hand it to him - the boy's got great taste.

Now, if i'm posting these pictures 13 years from now it will not be nearly as amusing.....but we'll enjoy the baby years for what they are.
They do make a nice couple, don't you think?

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