Tuesday, April 29, 2008

How we found out

So, we went to dinner & Lee's mom has had the envelope revealing the gender of this baby for a few hours. She is wearing a blue shirt - I giggled & said, "It's definitely a boy." We sat down - chatted for a little while & then we decided it was time to tell. Gram handed the envelope to PaPa & he told us that we are having a girl. We were in shock. Our facial expressions caught on camera are pretty...well, unattractive, so I'll share the ones of the kids. It was such a fun night & it has been super fun to know about this little girl.
I know this - God has big plans for her & I am humbled & grateful to be a part of her story. Some sweet sweet neighbors brought over a pink "lovie" blanket for this baby. It really hit home. I'm excited :).

And I think they are too.......though the boy doesn't look it in this picture. He was starving so I'll cut him some slack. And he's being promoted very early to big brother status - the jury is still out on how he feels about it.

OK OK I give.

It's a girl :)

Monday, April 28, 2008

it's a ......

This has been a crazy fun process for us. We have "known" all along that we are having a boy. The pregnancy of the boy & this baby are just too similar. So finding out was just a formality. The ultrasound was amazing. I cried - not unusual. I haven't been feeling the baby much - a little unsure, even, if what I was feeling was really the baby. So the ultrasound was a comfort. To see a profile that looks so familiar to 2 little people when they were photographed in utero was awesome. I already see a little resemblance. What a blessing......4 chambers of the heart working the way they should, 2 little eyes turned as if to look right at me, a hand even showed up 4 fingers...& then the 5th popped up like a big "Hey Mom & Dad!" And the technician never slipped - I was so glad because we really did want to hear the news from Gram & PaPa. And so without further delay.....it's a ..............

wait, i'll be right back. I need to tuck the kids in.


Now that I have your attention...
I don't actually know the sex of the baby yet, though I did have that information in an envelope for about an hour.
I did not give in to the temptation. I did not open it.
We decided that we wanted someone we know to tell us. So...............we are headed to dinner in just a few minutes to find out. I cannot WAIT! This is so much fun!
I'll keep you posted.
Stay tuned......

Monday, April 21, 2008


Chances are good that you are part of a family or you have people that you are in relationship with - friends, co workers, you get the picture. Well, if you are in relationship with people, chances are good that there has been conflict or disagreement or awkward moments of not talking about the things that we all know are making us all feel awkward.
Sound like a normal family function for you?
I read this post today from a blog that I love to check out from time to time. It's about all of that. But mostly it's about healing and God and the reminder that I need constantly that God's ways are different than my ways. Do you ever try to make sense of things that maybe WE weren't meant to make sense of? There are so many things that I ask my children to trust me with that they may not like or certainly don't understand, but I have this very different perspective that they cannot understand....not now. Life doesn't always work out the way we wish for it to. My uncle died last year & for some reason I can't get him out of my head these days. And I must say, it's a hard thing for me to remember because I really really prayed for him to not die. Those were my wishes.....and I know that the no-pain he feels now is way better than what he was dealing with.....but I have a broken heart because of it & I don't understand.
Anyway, the post i am sending you to actually has nothing to do with that. It actually has a lot more to do with just human-ness verses Godliness. Check it out. See what you think.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Boys vs Girls

First of all, my husband just kissed me on the cheek & said he's headed up to bed for the night. But he left the Masters on the TV. It seemed like normal background noise while he was sitting here, but now that he's gone I just can't figure out why it's still on....I'm just not interested in golf. You can call me crazy but then we'll get in an argument because seriously....it's golf.
Playing golf?
I have no problems with that. I like to knit. But I would never watch other people knit on television - or pay ticketes to see it live for that matter. And I consider them equal on the scale of boring-ness.

Moving on....

I've noticed something as a mom over time & I've been thinking about it a lot lately as the "tie-breaker" is growing in my belly. We have a girl & a boy. Which means when either of them does something unique, it is often times credited to the fact that they are a girl or a boy.

A gender thing.

People will comment..."Oh that's just what girls do" or "That's how boys are." And something has always felt weird about that comment to me & I think I've put my finger on it. My kids are individuals to me - but to others - it is a boy and a girl. It feels like 2 of the most important people in my life have been placed in a category & all of the funny little things they do are just "expected" because of their gender.

But to my friends who have 2 boys or 2 girls.....each boy or girl has their own personality.

"Well, Travis likes to sit & read where Patrick just has to keep busy."

but if "Samantha like to sit & color, & John is always running in circles" then it's a boy vs girl issue.

You see, maybe before I had kids I had an idea of wanting certain genders in a certain order. But now that I have met each of my children, I see these people...these very unique people. One happens to be a girl and the other happens to be a boy. But that doesn't matter to me & I'm pretty sure it did many years ago & I'm not sure why. But this baby in my tummy is either a boy or a girl (God willing). And he or she will be unique from her brother & sister & certainly will be similar in some ways. And I certainly don't expect he or she to be just like her brother or sister according to his or her gender.

I honestly can hardly wait to meet this person. As nervous as I have been about having a 3rd human being to care for - I have felt incomplete in the house without this baby I have never even met. How can a heart get so big & not explode?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Deep thoughts

Sunday morning was a little crazy - just trying to get everyone fed & bathed & dressed for church. After church I had to run an errand & when I came home the kids had just gone down for their naps. I heard the girl moving around upstairs so went to say hey. I laid next to her. We gave hugs & then I put my hands on her cheeks. I felt like sharing a very important truth with my little girl. One of those moments - those precious teachable moments when you know they are absorbing every word you say. I loooked her in the eyes & held her face close & said,

"I love you sooooooooooo much. And God loves you & made you just the way you are. And He has a purpose for your life."

Her eyes got real big as she whispers,

"I pooted"


"Have a good nap"

Mom exits.

My daughter might be from Jersey

So, the girl looked at me & dad while we were fixing breakfast one morning.
"You gonna put budda on dere?"

Budda? We don't say 'budda' in Georgia. It's butter & we use it a lot. Because it tastes good & because Paula Deen encourages it.

And if her hair is in her face she asks me to get her a "rubba-band"

So for whatever reason her accent has gone from deep south to now wondering if she's from Jersey.
I'll keep investigating.

Monday, April 7, 2008

we have made contact

Translation - "...bad news is the handle is gone"

Lee climbed the ladder & finally got the door open - one good thing we learned is that it's really hard to break into our house. Anyway, He got the window open & she looked at him & said, "What you doin'?"

"I'm trying to get you out of the bathroom" dad replies

"Oh. OK, you stay right there. I come help you."

So Lee got in through a window thanks to some help from a neighbor. And was able to get himself & the girl out.

And all is well. Thanks for tuning in.

in the bathroom

If you are checking in for the 1st time, go HERE to begin this story line.

Part 2.5

Busting the door down Part 2

Sunday, April 6, 2008

What did you do this weekend?

So, I was sitting on the sofa with the boy waiting for the girl to wake up from her nap. I thought I heard her moving around upstairs through the monitor so I yell up, "Are you awake?!"

And she answers very softly, "Uh. (pause) No. (pause) I not."

She showed her face a few minutes later.

"Go sit on the potty for a second, OK?"

"Um, OK. I can do dat." She answered.

She's gone for a while so I go to check on her.

She's locked herself in the bathroom. Now, I didn't know the bathroom had a lock, but apparently it does & she can't open it. I try to explain to her how the lock works - no dice.

I get the screw driver out & it's one of those really old door knobs & that isn't working. So I climb a ladder outside - remember, I'm pregnant - can't really get to the window. OH, forgot to mention Lee was getting the car fixed during all of this. So, I put my child development hat back on....she's 3, she's 3.....I get the markers out. I draw a picture of the door knob & draw an arrow to where the lock is. I slide it under the door. She's thinks the drawing is funny, for whatever reason. She's just giggling in the bathroom. I explain to her what the drawing is & can she unlock the door. "OH, yes. I can do dat."

Still, no dice.

So I decided to make this time productive. I slide flash cards under the door. She laughs each time she gets one. It was very entertaining.

In walks Lee. He's a man. He gets a hammer, a chisel & a saw. He cuts the door knob off. "Stand back!" Things got heated. He says he's going to "bust the door down" so I (naturally) grab the camera.

So we get her out...right?!

Well, Lee & I think we should show you the clips of video from the event. The battery on the camera kept dying, so you'll get it in pieces. It's like Grey's Anatomy, except we don't need writers for stuff like this.

During part of this 1st video you'll Hear Lee ask the girl to grab some "letters" - her bath letters - and get in the bath tub. Away from the door. Because....well, he's gonna "bust it down." She responds by telling us each letter she has chosen to take into the bathtub with her- "I got an 'H' and a 'L', etc... Just to translate b/c her voice doesn't come through very well. OH, and turn your head to the left a little bit - I can't figure out how to turn this thing the right way. Enjoy! And stay tuned for the rest of the story....

I think may favorite part of t his video is Lee flashing his arm muscles....lest I doubt his door breaking down ability.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


One of my favorite movies is You've Got Mail. It's my all time favorite pop-it-in-when-you-need-background-company movie. A line in the movie when Kathleen Kelley is emailing with Joe Fox is "I like to start my emails as if we're in the middle of a conversation" or something like that. I feel that way, too! Me & Meg....we're so alike.
Have no idea why i shared that as it has nothing to do with why I started typing this post to begin with....so I'll move on.
I have this friend. An amazing friend who knows me - good, bad & ugly. She can call me on the carpet for things & I actually just appreciate it. I don't have to clean my house for her. I see things all the time that I know she would love. She knows me & I know her. We lived together when we got our first jobs far away from home, we shared a car, a bank account & a 1 bedroom apartment. It really is amazing that we still even talk. As we've gotten older the way we spend time together has changed....rather than "going out" we crave just sitting in & visiting. My family went to Mississippi to see her & her family this weekend & I saw the friendship that she & I have come through in our children. It was incredible & so much fun to watch. My little girl instantly "knew" her little boy. It took no time & they were in the back yard spraying the hose at one another. For me, it was emotional. More so than with her other little friends. I really felt like I was seeing another dimension of my friendship with my friend growing in our children. It sounds crazy.

It was a wonderful wonderful weekend.

They glued these to their faces. GLUE!

"Stuff Christians Like"

Read this today & LOVED it. Had to share.