Thursday, October 18, 2007

tired & crazy

So, for as long as Bo has been in this house - which is since he was about 3 months old - he & his sister have shared a room. It has been nothing but wonderful. We all have loved every minute of it. She loves having him right there, he loves having her right there. I love going into their rooms late at night & just staring at both of those little beds in that little room with those little people dreaming away. It's been one of the best decisions we have ever made. No hiccups at all! Until 2 nights ago. Normally, if 1 of the kids wakes up with a bad dream or just wakes for no reason - it doesn't effect the other in the least bit. But for whatever reason, Bo woke up with a stuffy nose 2 nights ago. Screaming.....not able to calm down, which just makes it worse & me trying to explain this whole process to a 7 month old isn't he screams, gets more congested, screams, etc..... and Lu starts crying. Wailing. Because "Bo cryning, Mama Bo cryning!" I thought it was sweet that she was so concerned, but I'm not sure that that was the heartfelt motivator behind her tears. Frustration, more likely. 2 nights now. Sleepless Mitchells. Not something we're used to around here. So I'm tired....and i feel a little crazy. Tired & crazy. So, the kids are separated until the sleeping resumes.

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