Monday, June 22, 2009

the first!

Well, this is it - the 1st tomato from our 1st tomato plant! It's not so big & it just so happens that the type of plant I bought will not produce really big tomatoes, but man o was yummy! My big girl was so excited to have a ham & tomato sandwich today......I just had straight tomato. It was perfect. Summer just officially arrived for me.
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Friday, June 19, 2009

my birthday....again

Someone asked me recently what I have learned & loved most about each of my parents. Good question & it's brought back some good memories. Both of my parents cook well, as did my Dad's mother & my Mother's father- I think I get my enjoyment in the kitchen from each of them. My mother always celebrated well - a fun person. I feel the need to celebrate even the little things & to make birthdays & Valentine's day & it's simply really hot so let's make it a popsicle day as special as I can. I remember her waking me in the mornings by singing & dancing.....I get these things from her. I love to sing out a loud "Good Mor-ning!" to the kids & I think of her each time it comes out of my mouth.
My dad & I are similar in a lot of ways so there's simply that similarity that bonds us. He's a do-er. Likes to find solutions to problems. Very practical - he taught me early how to change a flat tire. A skill that has come in handy on many occasion. Family is incredibly important to my dad. Being a part of our lives on an almost daily basis is something he does well. Keeping extended family well connected has become something I crave & I feel certain that is because of him. I have fond memories of just a regular Wednesday or Monday having aunts, uncles, cousins & friends over for dinner & then meeting again the next morning for a pancake breakfast. Birthday parties were always a family affair & I find that I need that.....I think he has built that into my life. And I am thankful that I married a man whose family believes in that same togetherness. For each birthday or holiday you can count on us all being together....often aunts, uncles & cousins are present....and it feels so familiar. I love that! I grew up so close with my uncles & aunts & I want my kids to have the same. So here we are celebrating mine & Lee's brother's birthdays.....great memories inthe making....

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

my baby

Man, I could eat her up. Just looking at her makes everyone of us in this house tilt our head, grin & forget for a moment anything that might have caused the slightest stress. She has this captivating presence about her. I cannot imagine our lives before her. I LOVE HER SO MUCH! She is 9 months already - which is crazy. She pretty much feeds herself - 1/2 on the floor & 1/2 in her mouth. Crawls everywhere and into everything. We went to the pool the other day & she pulled up for the 1st time. I feel like she went from doing not much to everything overnight. The brother & sister are just as crazy about her. I am so so thankful for that. I came from all girls & Lee came from all boys so these are unchartered waters for us - which is good. But this brother/sister dynamic is not familiar......and we both love to watch them all together. Each personality brings out something in another. I learn something about myself & this amazing God who created us every day. Quite humbling really.
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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

my tomato plant!

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more jackson pictures

My big girl really took to Mim mim. She is enamoured with the artist! And she asked me just the other day, "Mom, why did God make me, you & Mim Mim artsts?"
We had Sunday brunch at the place where Lee & I had our rehearsal dinner. Good memories :)
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OK, so we took a much needed trip to Jackson to introduce that baby to some very important people....some of those important people were in Santa Fe - but we'll see her in a few weeks.
They celebrated my birthday while we were there which was such a treat! My aunt & cousin had this great cupcake cake made for me :) She calls me cupcake & that may or may not be because I'm somewhat obsessed with cupcakes.....well, dessert in general, but I was NOT afraid to jump on the cupcake bandwagon. And these, my friend, were A-mazing.

I truly love this picture because that boy was losing his mind. I think it's fun to have such a posed sweet picture interrupted by simple true reality....and that is why you never have to look at a screaming toddler & say "how old is he?" Everyone knows the signs of a 2 year old.
And that sweet granddaddy.....he loves these kids & the baby is a little bit of a momma's girl & doesn't sit well with many people....but she took to him. She's smart....he'll spoil her rotten :).
Hoping to get more pictures posted soon - the computer is still acting a little crazy......
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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

computer problems

Well, I've been having some pretty major computer issues & can't upload any pictures.....and without pictures I see little reason to blog. I have learned that most people don't even read the words anyway, for example, I was on the phone with my little sister & she was looking at the blog. She would see a picture & say "what's he doing there?" or "where are you in that picture?" and I was like...."READ THE WORDS SLACKER" - not really, caroline - no need to get all testy right now...except that I fell certain you are not reading this. All pictures.
Anyway, I have some great ones.....of my tomato plant - I know you are all dying to check that one out and we went to Jackson to see my dad & family...and I had a birthday all in the middle of it.....good pictures...and no means to post them. So, I just thought I'd let you know.
And the quote of the day from my eldest......she filled up the watering can in the bathtub & brought it out to me to water the tomatoes & as she walks out of the back door lugging this heavy watering can she says, "I tee teed in the potty, mom. Not in the watering can."