Monday, October 29, 2007

like a baby

Things around here these days are funny. We have a little girl who has discovered that she would like things to be a certain way & when those things don't happen just as she had hoped - we often have a breakdown. I hear myself saying on many occasions, "Honey, are you having a hard time because you are not getting your way?" And then there is a little boy who will break into giggles if you just glance in his general direction - completely satisfied. All he really wants is to be held. Or just looked at, really.
It's amazing how quickly we humans grow out of that stage. It seems we spend the rest of our lives trying to get back into the mind of a 6 month old. Content. Grateful. Just where we are. At least I feel that it is where i find myself most of the time. Trying to keep myself in check. It's easy to run down the road of "If I only had (fill in the blank) I would be happy." But again, I find the Lord teaching me through my children. Humbling me in the presence of a baby.
Yesterday was one of those moments with the kids. Our little girl struggling to smile - everything not going her way - even in the midst of doing all of her favorite things.
& our little boy just being dragged along & thrilled about it.
Here's the picture we snapped.

Which one are you?


Mary Harwell said...

This was a great reminder for me to take advantage of every second of having a seven month old. Jack is just like Bo. He wants to be held, looked at and giggles with glee if you just glance his way! INCREDIBLE!

Margaret Feldmayer said...

What insight! We are all mixtures of Lu and Bo. The trick, I guess, is to have 20-50 grateful emotions for every tantrum. And eventually, to lose the need to have your own way (it's only an illusion, anyway.)

Love your blog, Davis!

Davis's cousin Margaret