Sunday, August 31, 2008

The New Room

Well, Lee & I are famous for waiting til the last minute, or as we like to call it....working well under pressure. This way we don't waste anymore time dawdling over details than necessary. Like say, getting ready for the baby. We are about 3 weeks away & we decided to finally get the older kids settled in their new room, we haven't put the nursery together yet - but we'll get there, carseat not quite installed - but it will happen. We bought the car & we're on the road to being ready...we're just no there yet. But last night was the 1st night for the kids to sleep in their big new room. The girl slept in a big girl bed for the 1st time - she's been in a toddler bed & she's been fine there...but she LOVES her new bed. She only wishes that her daddy would "paint it pink."
She also doesn't understand why our car isn't going to be pink. She will get used to all of these things. She noticed there are castles on her bedspread. She said, "Are these castles?!"
"Yes" i replied.
"I LOVE cinderella castle beds!!!!!'
Here are some pictures of the excitement of trying to get them to bed the 1st night. They are obsessed with the closet......

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rainy Tuesday

So when we had a break in the storms on Tuesday, we headed for the Botanical Gardens with the swim suits. They had a blast! It rained on us the whole way to the car - but they were already wet so what did it matter :). It was a good afternoon.

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This is what we are living in right now. And I'm not blaming anyone because I have known good & well that a baby is planning to join our family in the VERY near why would we start doing work on the house - work that requires us to be moved out of every closet, our master bedroom & bath? Who does this? I mean, I remember a dumpster being dropped off at our house for a kitchen renovation when I was SIX months pregnant with the boy.....I have done this. You would think I have learned. But the idea of the other side of the work makes me so giddy I guess it overpowered basic logic. So this is what we are living in - one is our LIVING room the other is the room where we are "sleeping." I should actually go clean that bed off so that I can at least get a good night's sleep tonight. So, however messy your house may be right now....take a good look at these pictures & just feel better about yourself.
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pure delight

So a special person had a birthday & the girl & I made brownies to celebrate. How many memories come back when you see this picture......mine come rushing back from childhood all the way to Sunday, when we made brownies for our friend's bday.....because in case you're wondering where the other mixer thing is....well, I had it & it rocked. So go celebrate something...make some brownies & lick the bowl. I think it's essential in training a child up well :).
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Sunday, August 24, 2008

blah blah blah

I promise to post pictures energy level is runnning on low towards empty & I realize that it doesn't take much effort to take a picture, but then to plug it all into the computer & upload it...well, I'm exhausted thinking about it. But I will get some up soon. Not of me, of course, but of something.
In the meantime, here's a story.
We were driving to my sister's house for dinner the other night - we exited & took a left across a bridge. The girl saw the cars driving under the bridge on the interstate....."Yook mom! Yook! The cars - they are chasing each other!"
How adorable is that?
I'm having to rely on these adorable moments to get me through these patience is running thin & my energy level, well I've already touched on that. Im at the complain-y part of pregnancy & I have really not ever been here. The end of pregnancy has never bothered me. I love being pregnant - I have always said it & some women say mean things about me behind my back because I've said this before. And i never understood how someone could not enjoy this. But i have never been pregnant in the summer time. Yuck. I'm not loving summertime pregnancy. Before I go on & on & on I'm going to hit the sack & get some rest that may help my attitude.
Nighty night friends.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

My exciting life

The kids & I have been busily running errands - trying desperately to get some projects done before #3 graces us all with her presence. We are all getting really excited to meet her! Anyway, there is lots to be done & we tend to work best under pressure....and this, my friends, is pressure. So, we were at the fabric store & at the fabric store, which is just off of a busy Atlanta road, are roosters. I don't know why, but they are there & it's always fun for the kids to look for them out of the windows. Well, it was close to closing time & a white rooster was hanging out by the front door. Both kids were very interested in the animal. The boy was yelling what he thought was "cock-a-doodle-doo" & he was close....but not quite...either way, it was adorable. The girl just couldn't understand why we were calling it a rooster when to her it was clearly a chicken. It was white....but it was a rooster. I've never heard of one, but I don't know much about roosters so I trust the owners....anyway, we were a few of the last people to check out & a nice lady held the door for me. I pushed the stroller outside & reached for the girl's hand.......unknowingly, i had trapped the rooster between the stroller & the building & his only escape was to run into the store....right at my daughter.
It was like slow motion for me. I knew it wouldn't go well & I could do nothing to help the situation. Lucy went flying & there was a lot of screaming & then feathers flying & the rooster took off - no doubt he was terrified. And somehow all of this feels normal to me. So normal that I forget to even tell stories like this to people. I guess that means my life is interesting...on some level, right? Because, though I may spend my day avoiding washing dishes & clothes & getting meals ready & dressing & cleaning children...I have encounters with roosters. And seriously, can you say that? When was the last time you had an encounter with a rooster? :)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

growing up

I was looking back at some pictures of the kids & I noticed how young my girl looks only 7 months ago. And she let me know last night that she has certainly grown in this time. You see, even though she had welcomed a little brother into her world - I'm not sure she totally "got it." And when we let her know another baby was coming - I'm sure it didn't totally register either. But last night, we were reading on the sofa & the baby started moving all over the place! I said, "Put your hand on my belly"
"I don't want to"
She has obeyed this request many times only to feel a still tummy so I understood - I mean, how wierd that your mom would keep hounding you to "Feel my belly! Feel my belly!"
I'm sure I creep her out.
But I knew the baby was active so i said, "Pleeeeeeeeeeease. Just this once"
And she did. And the baby moved. And that girl's eyes were as big as pancakes.
She looked at my tummy - shocked - & then looked up at me.
Then she pulled my shirt up & she SAW the baby moving.
It was such a fun moment. Seeing discovery in someone's face is truly priceless.
Lee walked in the room..."Daddy! The baby is moving!"
She took her hand away after a few moments & as we continued reading she would sneak it back onto my tummy with this shy little grin.
She asks me every day if her sister is coming out today.
She has even put "big girl panties" on the chair for "the baby in my belly"
This little girl knows that she is the big sister & that she has a little sister coming. Her understanding seems so crystal clear & I think she's as excited as we are.
I asked her a few questions...
"What do you think the baby will look like?
"She looks like brother, but smaller"
"What color do you think her hair will be?"
"'s blue."
I really hope she's wrong on that last one.

Monday, August 11, 2008

the tooth doctor

Well, we went to the "tooth doctor" for the 1st time today. A few months overdue for this visit - but we've had a lot going on. She was great. She's kind of a wildcard when it comes to stuff like this so I wasn't sure, but we talked it through beforehand, she seemed cool calm & collected in the waiting room & when we went back & she sat in the big chair I just sat back & let her be the patient. I didn't chime in much. Except when the hygenist asked her if she sucked her thumb.......
"Um, no. Only last night when I was a baby."
Bold faced lie.
And I love her concept of time. Everything is last night, today or tonight. Past, present & future. So I poilitely said, "yes, she does suck her thumb." Other than that I let her be. And she was a champion! Answered questions & did all that they asked her to do. I was very proud.
I mean, just look at her! So brave. So calm.
And look at those pearly whites!
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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

"what would you like?"

So, L likes to play "What would you like, Mom? It's her new favorite game. She takes my order - & when I give my requests she is usually out of it. Which is wierd since we're playing pretend and all. "What would you like, Mom?"
"Um, I'd like a tomato sandwich, please"
"we don't have tomatoes, but you can have a hanburgner with carrots & ice cream"
"Well, OK. That sounds great. Thanks"
Where does she come up with stuff like that? I don't ever ask her to eat things like that.
Anyway, we are playing one day & she says "what would you like, mom?"
"Just some water would be nice, thanks"
Her response left my jaw on the floor...."You like a Decaf grande cinnamon dolce latte. With whip?"
She doesn't hear me ask her to pick her clothes off the floor or put her toys away, but THAT she gets?
So, while we were at the beach I splurged & made her a milkshake. She sat at the bar & I asked her what she would like. A little confused with the question turned on her - I asked her, "would you like a milkshake with strawberries?"
Big smiles.
"With whip?"

And this is the sugar low that followed.
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Monday, August 4, 2008

Beach smiles

A sweet friend commented that my kids always look happy :). So I thought I would offer you a more "fair & balanced" look at our family. These are some of the pictures that happened while trying to get that "perfect" one. The last one especially makes me laugh - she was trying to drag him down the beach - following my words, "L, hold his hand"

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Friday, August 1, 2008

Beachy times

Well, we've been on vacation & it was lovely. :) I'm too tired to write, though - so I'll post some pictures...& then probably post some more. I'll someday get around to telling you about our trip - but I'm off to take a nap for now.

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