Monday, October 22, 2007

the adventure

I looked at a picture of Lu & me at the hospital when Bo was born & she looks so young to me. Just 7 months ago. She & I spend a lot of time together - we spent much more time before Bo came into the picture, especially during those last few months of pregnancy when the house was under renovation & I was craving all sorts of crazy things...she was the best lunch/snack/ice cream/cupcake at 10 in the morning date. We spent many days frequenting the local playgrounds & I was always at her heels. Helping her up, dissuading any feats that seemed too mature for my very young & fragile daughter. Well, when Bo was about 2 weeks old, we all went to the park - my philosophy is that we've got to learn how to work this whole life thing together so what better time than the present, right? So we headed to the playground - a 2 year old, a 2 week old & me. It was time for Bo to eat, which placed me seated & a little too out of control of Lu than I am used to being......I was always at her heels, remember? So she went for this climbing wall sort of thing & she was too far to hear me tell her not to do it & I couldn't get up & stop I prayed. "Lord, please give her the wisdom to step down. Lord, please turn her around...." But she continued up & up.....& up & she did it! I couldn't believe it! And i sat there & wondered......could she have done that all along?

And in that very moment - she grew up. I realized that she was capable of so much more & I was thrilled to see all that it was. Lu has been a different person since Bo was born. We all have, of course - but his just being born actually gave her more freedom - allowed me to see her with new lenses.....everyday I try to remember that & let her loose just a little more....a little more. And sometimes she falls & she learns from it. And so do I. I have learned that she is so brave. I want to be brave like that. God is teaching me so much through this child. I can only imagine what is to come with this baby boy. I pray that I will never stop learning. That I will always be aware that just when I think I have it all figured out.....there's more. There's so much more. The Creator is the so incredibly creative that how could I possibly ever have it all figured out?
What an amazing adventure this is! I pray that each day I would take it on with such unabandoned enthusiasm....
like Lu.

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