Thursday, February 28, 2008

make your handwriting immortal

Did you know that you can create a font from your own handwriting? I had heard of this, but never had the know-how to get it done. I don't see it topping my list of things to do right now as I'm sure there is a diaper that I have put off changing & someone who should be fed or something, but I thought I would pass it onto you - you may have more time on your hands than I. Please let me know if you do it. Not totally sure why....but it seems that it would be kind of fun to know someone who has their own font.
Check it out here Fontifier.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Troy's commercial

OK, you have GOT to watch this. I have mentioned our friends, Troy & Mary, on occasion in this blog. Well, Troy & a friend have created this commercial for a contest & I'm so impressed! Follow this link to check it out. Maybe they'll win!

My Valentines

I know this is a late entry, but I couldn't let it go. Valentine's Day was a great day around here. The boy enjoyed just the excitement - didn't get it so much, but I think he felt the love. The girl is still talking about it. She's actually voiced her plans to go with Chris (her uncle) to Argentina for Valentine's day. I'm guessing that's for next year & I'm sure Chris will be pumped. I didn't get as many pictures as I thought I had....only 2, actually. But some of the sweetest moments were just opening little valentine's from her friends - she loved giving & getting them. The candy put us all a little over the edge, but you gotta indulge every now & then, right?

Monday, February 18, 2008

Water boy

I just had to document this face. There's nothing he loves more than bathtime. I have to keep the bathroom door closed at all times or he's trying to climb on in.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Almost five years ago, we went through something that I had only heard about & though I certainly had compassion for people who had walked this particular road, I never truly understood the pain that came with it. Almost five years ago, my husband & I went to the doctor with such hope & expectation to see our baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound screen again. And we didn't. In that moment, I was so sad, but I was so numb. Hours later it hit me & the wave of emotions that came were overwhelming. The questions of why & would I ever get to be a mother came at me so fast & so frequently. It's hard to escape your thoughts.

Later that year, we had a beautiful healthy baby girl. Then a year or so later, we lost another little baby. Two "miscarriages," & I only use that term because other people seem more comfortable with it. For me, I lost 2 babies. No matter how tiny & young, in my heart I had grown them up & held them in my arms. I had dreams of who they would be. And I still do. A friend told me of a man who lost a child & fell into great grief. He had a dream & in his dream God came to him & asked, "What is it you want most for each of your children?" The man answered, "To know You, Lord."

"Well, one of them already does."

I hang on to that story. And I love the idea of happy whole children that I will meet one day - when I go home.

The point of this story.....last year on Valentine's Day (I was 8 months pregnant with our little boy), my sweet sweet thoughtful husband gave me a gift. He adopted a little boy through Compassion International. Jofferson's birthdate is August 24 - which is the due date for the last baby we lost. What a special way to fill a dark void with such joy.

I have learned that February is blogging month for Compassion International & I think it's a great idea! Jofferson is someone that our family will pray for daily & my hope is that my children will know him as part of our family. Everyone should adopt a child or many through here's my plug.

I have linked some other Compassion bloggers to to left. They're awesome - you should check them out.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Zoo

This post is long overdue!! I wanted to share some pictures from a recent adventure we took. My mom & step dad gave L a membership to the Zoo & one day when the sun peeked through just enough, we took advantage & went to visit the animals. It was great. We all had a blast.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Bell Bear

I've told you that Lee was in China, but did I mention that Bell Bear was there, too? Bell Bear is one of the girl's many many beloved animals. She sleeps with maybe 20. Bell Bear was chosen to go with Daddy to China. He took pictures along the way which made the lengthy trip away kind of entertaining....for both of us. We, of course, looked forward to each email & he was stuck inside buildings in China. It gave us both something to look forward to. And as I mentioned, he was stuck Bell Bear was photographed primarily indoors. It was fun.
When Daddy came home, he pulled Bell Bear out at the airport to give back to the little girl & also a friend.....China Bear :).


Well, I've been a little absent & I apologize. I have good excuses. One of them being that the husband has been in CHINA. That's right. And if you're not up on your world weather - let me give you an update. They were hit with the worst weather they have seen in 50+ years. So they flew 24 hours to sit in an airport - that is not heated. They needed to fly to another airport to get to a car that would take them where they needed to be. But airports & interstates were being closed. I'm not sure how long they sat in the airport but they eventually were rerouted & picked up by some saintly man who drove them in icy, cold conditions to their final destination. Whew. He was there. But then the question of "when will you be home?" became a factor. I got an answer that they may be in China "indefinitely" that Monday. The kids were both sick in some respect. The boy is cutting teeth which then developed into a nasty cold. The girl was just sick that her daddy had to be found on a globe each morning. One morning she woke me up climbing the stairs with the globe in her arms. One evening she fell out of her chair at dinner, burst into tears & cried, "I want Daddy to come back from China & fix it!"

"Me too, pumpkin"

We shared a good cry in that moment.
Many people asked me how I was making it, caring for 2 kids with Lee gone for so long & I have to say 1st - my mother in law is amazing. 2nd - we were fine - I mean, not much laundry was done & we ate out a lot, but we just missed Daddy. He brings a peace & security to this home that is definitely missed when he's not here.

He made it home. We greeted him at the airport just a day later than he was supposed to come home. And what a blessing because apparently some bad weather hit China right after that. Seems that they found a window & got out. We are so glad to have him home. Jet-lagged, whatever...we'll take him.

And to my friend Kristin who is trying to figure out how to wake up early - go to China. Lee has been up at 5 every morning since he came home :). As for how to have your time by yourself.....I think staying in China might be the only answer to that one.