Wednesday, October 17, 2007

so, they really get bigger

I look at Bo & then look at Lu & have a hard time remembering her being that small. Not that Bo is that small & maybe that's the problem.....but seriously, how did she grow up so fast. I mean, I know she was smaller - I have pictures & I do remember.....but it's hard to look at her face & think it was ever any different. Her pants are too short & I'm thinking "how did that happen?!" I look at Bo & cannot imagine what he will grow into - what will he look like? what will he be like? I think he will be a tenderhearted snuggly boy who will want to be hugged all the time & I'm ok with that...but that's not the point here. The point is each day they are getting bigger & I'm finding myself holding on to the "little" days. They are slipping away from me & I know I'll never get them back. Lu reminds me in subtle little ways that she is growing up. Like, she used to say "gump" for "milk" - i have no idea why, but she did & we loved it & now she says "milk". Just like that - "milk" like a big girl. And I can't get the "gump" back - & I didn't think I ever would want to, but I really really do. At the beach last week, we were walking & she discovered our shadows. Such a cool thing to be there for. Shadows are fun. And as she stood there staring at herself in the sand I snapped a picture. No big deal, just wanted to capture the memory.....but when I came home to look at all of the pictures I noticed something different. She's bigger in her shadow. It's amazing! Like getting a little glimpse into the future! And a sweet reminder that these days are precious. That these days count & mean something. I wonder what she will remember & I wonder which memories will truly impact her as she grows. I wonder if this memory will stick? Probably not......for her. But it has certainly made a lasting impression for her mom.

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JMom said...

Davis! Yea! I am so glad to have this way to keep up with ya'll. The shadow analogy really struck a chord with me. Wow!