Wednesday, March 30, 2011

apparently we're getting some order

We've been bogged down with crazy disorganization. And by the past tense use of "been" I actually mean that we "are" - it's not solved. But it was nice to see the kids join in the fun. That girl ismore of a delegator than a doer & I can respect that. But I love this sign. Glad to have it documented.
"The rule is put it back when you're done playing with it. Read the sign. It says."


Monday, March 21, 2011

the final celebration....

If you have ever known me know that I like to stretch out the birthday celebrating.
A week.....a month....
and it should go without saying that by the end we are all ready to tear the crown off the head of the center of attention.
But we all have a turn & it's fun.
So this was the day that we wrapped it all up.
With some family & a buddy at the playground.
It was great & he was so happy to be celebrated again.

Please check out the sunglasses over the baseball hat...his doing. I bet i'll have a fast forward picture of this in about 14 years.
There's some peanut buttercream frosting (and while we're it peanutbuttercream? peanutbutter cream? what is gramatically correct??) on that bad boy.....and it was fabulous.
I did give up sweets for Lent...but I made a conscious decision about a week ago to enjoy a cupcake on this particular day.
And it was yummy.

His uncle gave him a Buzz Lightyear belt. He's a fan. birthday coming up is Lee's......
and then it's mine all mine.

Happy Birthday Big man!!!

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

videos of the bowling

These videos pretty much just make me laugh.

I love the running start.

And the fact that he really almost kicked that sucker down the alley.....which would have broken a toe & put a damper on the birthday....glad he didn't.

Great great night.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

he is four

The day started just like this.
We woke that boy up with a chipper little song & a camera.
And at first he wasn't thrilled.
Until he remembered that today was the day that he turned 4!!!
And at breakfast he said...."when we bless the food, do you think you can sing happy birthday to me again??"

My boy was born on the 1st day of March madness 4 years ago. Lee & I had just had a lunch date to celebrate all the games....nerdy highlighters & brackets in hand. And a week early he decided to make his appearance in the middle of that night. After the games were over. But i sat in the hospital in very active labor.....bracket in hand.
And so basketball cookies were made.
And on the way to school he casually said, "Mom, will you pray for the day & maybe you could pray for my birthday??"

Dinner at the favored spot.

His sister wrapped the present she bought for him & unbeknownst to me, she also wrapped 2 of his favorite books from our playroom :).
He was so excited.....about the books that already belong to him.
Which just makes me really happy.
And the Christmas wrapping paper.
It's just all so awesome.
This whole birthday - full of all kinds of awesome.
We had the baby go to the grandparents & we took the bigs bowling.
Videos to follow.

And then the frogs.
Bill & Sally.
He immediately & assuredly named them.
Bill. and Sally.
And that was that.
This boy.....I had 2 sisters growing up. Lots of drama. Crying....oh the crying...mostly by me. I still don't know how to fully communicate without the tears. And though I assumed that I would be the mother of all boys, marrying a boy with only brothers....I took biology....I knew things....I just assumed.....boys.
But when I met him for the first time....
I just never knew.
Having a son.
No. That's not it.

It is him.
It's this particular boy......oh how I love him.
His 'matter of fact' way about things.
His shrug of the shoulders, his 'sure', his shy way, the fact that I can always bank on the fact that he is behind my left thigh at all times, the way he cares for his sisters, the way he lays his clothes out each night, I love him.
I never knew how much I could ... and I just cannot believe that he is four!
That it was just 4 years ago that we met him......Happy birthday mister.
I'm so thankful for you. Just as you are.
I'm so excited to have front row seats during this time of your life.
I wouldn't miss it for the world.
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Friday, March 18, 2011

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I wish I had time right this moment to recount this day of celebrating my big guy's fourth birthday. But we're pooped. Finally got everyone in bed at 10!!!
It was an awesome day/night....and I can't wait to tell you all about it.
Videos included!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Not me.

“Never make a principle out of your experience; let God be as original with other people as He is with you” Oswald Chambers

A friend at small group tonight shared this quote with us.
I believe Francis Chan mentioned this particular quote in Crazy Love.
And when she said it, it stung.
Some of my biggest regrets are because of my ability to do just that. And with great intention! When A+B+a cup of sugar = awesome I try to make it 'the way' for everyone else.
Offering unsolicited advice & personal success stories whenever I found it 'helpful.'
Having kid #2 helped to bring on a little humility.
And #3....well, it's just a crap shoot as this point - I think it's clear that I am not possession of the answers :).

Don't get me wrong, I love few things more than I love being their mother & our prayer is that more children will come someday, but I am learning more & more about the baggage I bring with me.
Pride being stripped away.
Andy Stanley spoke recently about the 1st church & how angry Paul got at some of the followers of Jesus - at one of the new churches. They were former Pharisees, actually.
They had brought themselves into the church.
(Funny how we do that)
All their rule came with them.
They were trying to make brand new followers of Jesus jump through all the hoops.
1st do this & then this & clap your hands 6 times & keep these 313 rules & then you can be a part of our special little club.
It was just so in them to do that.
And so it seems that when I began my journey of learning to shape my life around this faith in God & His resurrected Son I brought myself in with me.
And it is so in me to think that others should be doing it the way that I am.
This part of me rears its ugly head from time to time.

Imperfect beings.

Desperately in need of a Savior.
And still....even knowing that.....trying to get it perfect.
And then setting the mark for others.
Forgetting that none of us hit that mark.
Doesn't matter how close to the mark you get - we still cannot hit it.
At least not by ourselves.
So small group friend :) - I needed that word tonight. I need those words tatooed on my hand Mr Oswald Chambers.
I pray that I will live my daily relationships trusting God to sit right where He belongs rather than me.
The theme for this year I think....
Not me.
Just Him.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

spring break

We'll call it spring break simply because I guess that's what it was officially called, but seriously, it's the 1st week of March & it's freezing cold. But nevertheless, we had 'spring break' & we took the opportunity to just get away from the chores & the 'to do' list & remember what it was like when we just enjoyed being around each other. And we celebrated a little mardi gras in the tamest sense of the celebration.
I don't miss a chance to eat a king cake.
We had a 'sale' - they didn't understand why the $4 & free on the same price tag didn't make sense. So I stormed out & bought nothing!

We got our awesome ice cream fix & made them turn the train on & we danced in the store with no music & we laughed & it was awesome.
We pulled out the hammock & oh my goodness......that alone saved hundreds in therapy.
And sidewalk art - they've gotten really good.
It was special. I'm the luckiest girl in the world. Blessed beyond belief.
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the artsy side of my boy

I just love everything about this.
Especially the part about him painting this for his momma :)

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

go jackets!

Caroline - thank you for this awesome uniform you gave that boy for Christmas. He loves it!!!! Wore it out all day today :). And Granddaddy for the football....also a huge hit around here. He is finding a way to escape the princess madness around this house :).

And it looks like he may be recruiting princesses for his team :).
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Friday, March 11, 2011

Those Cupcake Kids :)

Almost a year ago, I think it was Easter weekend, some kids got together & with the help of some very generous people were able to bring attention to a place where God's precious children were not being cared for properly. And the people responsible for caring for them simply needed some help.
And then again.....more friends spread out over Atlanta, surrounding neighborhoods & even as far as South Carolina....children spent allowances to buy supplies, helped their parents bake some cupcakes, made some great signs & spent their days being a voice for these kids very far away that didn't really have a voice.
There's a big cupcake kids sale coming up & you can be a part of it from wherever you are. In fact, there are a few states(and only just a few) not representing just yet so feel free to pass this along to all of the friends you know all over the world!
Here's what I know. My kids' eyes were opened to something & I couldn't have done that for them. They were invited to be a part. They said yes. And their prayers are lifted up almost daily for the kids spoken for on those days. Their hearts were pricked a little bit in the compassion department .... all because of some cupcakes.
So go check it out & make plans to be a cupcake kid!
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Thursday, March 10, 2011


My girl. The big one. Has lost 8 teeth.
This last one was a doozy.
It was almost growing on top of another tooth & the dentist made it clear that it HAD to come out.
But it wasn't even wiggly.
It would not wiggle.
Long story about how we got it to come loose & I'll spare you the gorey details & they were gorey & accidental.
That tooth finally came loose. REALLY loose. Anyone who saw it can affirm. But it would not come out.
This is her attempting to bite into an apple to get it out.
Days & days went by. I couldn't believe it! It would easily get to a 90 degree angle. And still - no dice.

And then we finally finalllllllly got it out. And would you look at that thing? Is that root unusually long? I think so & this was her eighth tooth.....the other seven were not this long.
Anyway, 8 teeth missing.
4 grown in & no room for the other 4.
I'm betting we'll be seeing an orthodontist at some point in the near future.
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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

this blog world

Blogging has been interesting for me in the last several months.
I have had to table a lot of the things I have wanted to say. They are stored away & maybe they will make an appearance at some point.
We'll see.
I posted recently about a quote by Amy Carmichael.
I started to notice that often times the things that I wrote about were words defending myself or my point. I am not talking about the times that I had a genuine thought to share, but the ugly part of me that wanted to respond to someone or defend myself....using this as a platform.
And I am definitely a person who writes primarily for journaling - remembering the details of our days, getting out of my head what needs to be untangled in words, starting a conversation, & sharing the story with family who don't live near us....
And so I know that my audience is not large.
Never was shooting for the large.
But I am learning that even if the ears that hear are the pair belonging to one person who is influenced by what I say.....then I better carefully consider what I say.

A friend a little over a year ago described this blog community as the modern-day letters from Paul for her. She received such encouragement through this crazy form of technology.
And I totally agree with her.
I have been encouraged over & over again.
I have learned that I can make curtains for my windows with my own two hands.
I have found & tried countless recipes.
I have wondered if I should try to be gluten free.
I have laughed & cried.
And I have made friends.
And all mostly from people I have never, and will not ever meet.
But these blogs can also become a place to post passive aggressive arguments that can be hurtful.
And a place to lift ourselves much higher than we belong.
Another good friend reminded me before I had entered this crazy blog world to always remember that the picture you are looking at is painted by the get to see what they want you to see. I forget to place these views through a grid because the picture seems so pretty.
I am reminded that all is not as it seems.
And how quickly one can fall into the seductive side of the blog world can become a popularity contest.
A really really weird popularity contest.

So, I don't want to hold my heart back in fear of being disagreed with.
And I don't want to write for the approval of others either.
Being genuine on the internet is tough......
It's 2 dimensional.
And no doubt it is a relational tool. A powerful tool.
But it can never take the place of relationship.
And my identity must rest securely in One relationship .... & not one other.