Friday, October 26, 2007

she's definitely a girl!

Lu & Bo were headed to their Gram & PaPa's house so Lee & I could be somewhere the other night. The kids were literally going to eat dinner, play, go to bed & we would pick them up about 2 hours after they had gone to sleep. I told Lu to gather her things - any stuffed animals she may want with her. I turned around to get Bo's pajamas, because that's about all he needed, & Lu says, "Zip it up, Mommy." You couldn't even see her bag because there was so much stuff to be "zipped up." So, with a look of amazement & trying to hold back my laughter & wishing someone were with me to witness this I say, "OK, let's just find another bag." And this is what we went to Gram & PaPa's with that night. Keeping in mind that her PJs are not in either of these bags.

There's no question that we have a girl on our hands.

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KK said...

The fun has just begun. Can't wait to see what your kiddies are for Halloween!