Monday, February 28, 2011


We love this trampoline.
I had one growing up, but it didn't have the fancy net or pads to cover the springs.
In fact I remember the day we said goodbye to the trampoline. I was a teenager & my teenage cousin jumped up ...... & then straight through the trampoline to the ground.
And that was that.
When my dad inquired about the safeness of this trampoline just before we gave it to the kids I politely asked if he had all of a sudden become concerned with the safety of trampolines. :)
We laughed.
A different day for certain.
I'm glad we had that thing growing up.
So much fun.
And I'll say that the net & the pads are a nice addition.
There is just no way to not have a good time on a trampoline - I mean, you can almost hear them laughing through these pictures....I can.
And springtime....thank you for giving us little whispers of hope that you really are just around the corner. Days like today are just amazing

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Anonymous said...

my dad PAID someone to give me trampoline jumping lessons. no joke. those safety methods would have come in handy back in 1990.

buck's mama