Wednesday, February 2, 2011

the RED card

I do enjoy a starbucks from time to time.

It's a ta-reat. For certain.

And I'm not one who loves to justify my ways that may need changing by adding a benefit to the end of it.

What I'm about to say does not justify the fact that I used to have a full on addiction to the coffee. And my additcion may or may not have included the word "latte" which gets purty 'spensive. But if I am going to enjoy a cup o joe & I really do just lean towards a plain ol cup o black coffee these days....but still...if I am going to partake, it might as well help others in the process.

Especially if that option is available.

The RED card from Starbucks donates 5 cents towards the Global Fund to help fight AIDS every time you use it - and isn's it lovely to look at? And did you know that you can register your card online & with each purchase you get a point & the points add up to free drinks. And now I can know that each time I earn a point I am also helping a big organization do big things for people who simply can't do it alone.

No one's paying me a dime to say any of this.

I just think....why the heck not?


Nancy C said...

Good to know. If Kelly gets a card, that will really help the cause. Drink up and enjoy!

The Fruitful Family said...

I'm a closet Starbucks junkie! In fact, I had to put myself on a Starbucks budget - I put a certain amount on a card and once that money is gone, no more java for this mama. The other day I saw they had the RED card - I quickly ditched my cafe scene Starbucks card for this replacement. At least I feel like my lattes are making some difference - and not just to help me function through the day!