Sunday, February 6, 2011


My girl got a fischer price camera last year for Christmas & loved it. She took it everywhere & I honestly felt like the paparazzi was following us around.
But the pictures were terrible.
I mean, not a big deal. She was 5 & it was fine.
But last Christmas the love of my life gave me a camera.
A rockin big girl camera that I still don't completely know how to use. But I love it & for a while it went almost everywhere with me. She noticed.
And for Christmas this year she asked for a "real" camera.
And Santa gave a thumbs up. He brought her a nice used digital camera.
She has it with her often & has recently learned how the video feature works, which I consider a total invasion of privacy.....but I'll go with it. Memories in the making.
We looked outside the other day & she was lying on her back snapping pictures of the trees & the sky.
Seeing the world through her eyes is super fun. And I plan to show some of the awesome shots to you real soon. Because there's a real chance that you are featured in these shots as that flash is burning it up in the car on a daily basis.
Or maybe we'll help her start a blog.
Or not.
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Taylor Wise said...

I love it when Santa gives things a thumbs up!

Ashleigh said...

i would tooootally read her blog.

Nancy C said...

I think she's Ansel Adams quality.