Wednesday, February 16, 2011

man down!

Our washing machine is broken.
If you have seen my boy at all in the last week you will understand why he has been sporting the same pair of camouflage pants every single day. I dropped the rest of his pants to be laundered last week & kept trying to pick them up after closing time. Which is not an efficient use of time. So we washed them in Woolite in the sink & dried them, along with a little girl's uniform. We're doing what we gotta do.
And as my dad would say, "I've heard sadder stories"
I believe it's fixable - even without a repairman, but maybe I'm being a little optimistic. Or cocky.
But the internet has saved us before in the appliance fixing department & I'm counting on it pulling us through this go 'round.
It's the time we can't seem to find. We have been so over scheduled lately that to find an evening to set aside for this seems impossible....and not what we really want to do when there's already limited time.
So, we spent this morning at the laundromat.
I was actually looking forward to the experience. The kids were great & helpful & all in all we had a good time.

I would have never planned an outing to the laundromat had we not needed it. But it was a little adventure for us :).
And though we had a great time......I'm not selling the washer & dryer.
It's time to get that bad boy up & running.

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Ashleigh said...

i laughed out loud just from reading the title of this post... every mom knows that washing machine is a very important man in the house... hope he's back soon!

The Doster's said...

Our washer is broken too!!!