Friday, February 11, 2011

center stage

What does one do about that right there??

It was somewhat of a crazy morning - trying to cram a few errands in on a morning when all 3 needed to be at the dentist office by 9:45.

That little girl finished her breakfast, I put her clothes on her & then she brought me her "princess dress" & declared, "I want to be a princess now."

Who cares.

I don't care if she wants to prance around in that thing for the next year or so because this will come to an end.
You just can't do things like this forever & it be called 'adorable'....I mean, people judge me when I do it.
But just to keep her humble she wore her fuzzy slippers because I could not for the life of me find her shoes.
Another thing you can't get away with when you're in your, say, 30s.

She owned that place.
And probably because everyone in there had her 'spin around, you cute thing' - & she is nothing if not an entertainer.
For me as well, obviously.
I mean, I was packing the camera.
And I'm glad I did......because that right there sums her up.

Actually, what would have really summed her up would have been to capture her full on temper tantrum out by the elevator just 30 seconds after we left center stage....aka the dentist office.
She's something, y'all.
And I am loving every minute of her drama filled toddlerhood.

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Melissa said...

Too cute!!! I don't know your little one, but I feel like I do by the way you describe her!!! Love her.

Anonymous said...