Sunday, February 13, 2011

As we get ourselves into the Valentine's Day spirit of things.....I thought we would play with the blog a little bit. It has been a while & as it usually happens if I don't check up on things for a week or two I find that technology has simply passed. me. by.
Blogger has definitely upgraded some stuff & I have enjoyed my Saturday night of figurin' it all out.
I have never been a huge fan of Valentine's day & I recently read a friend's facebook status read, "if your woman says she doesn't like Valentine's Day it probably means you're not doing it right..."
But I don't think that's it in my case.
See, I love the candy, I love making valentine's, I love hearts all over the place, I love the candy, I love my man, I love Reese's peanut butter hearts & if they only made them in dark chocolate, I love gushy romantic love, and the candy...have I mentioned the love of the candy?
I do not like true love being used as a marketing tool.
And I do not like feeling like you have to cram all this romantic whatever into a night when you CANNOT get a reservation anywhere & if you DO you feel forced to try their 'prix fixe menus.' A babysitter is next to impossible to find. I do not like that flowers that will cost $12 on February 15th cost $30 on Valentine's Day and most of all I do not like wondering if the only reason that my man brought flowers home & took me to dinner was because he felt like he should.
Am I the grinch who stole Valentine's?
Maybe I am.
Sue me.
But just know that while I'm at home eating take out from wherever we choose in the comfort of our own home, because I may not be a fan of Valentine's but I don't see that me cooking is a grand idea either, we will have pocketed the $125 that we would have otherwise spent in going along with the whole shabang.
And man I feel like a bucket of cold water....especially with the hearts all over the blog and everything.
But like I said.......I love the hearts.
And trust me on the candy thing...a big ol shoutout to the sweettart gummy hearts, especially from the Rite Aid where they are on sale.
5 pounds later.
Here I am....obviously a little bitter.
I'll go deal with that now.
But thanks for sticking around for all the drama.


ShellyO said...

Right there with you baby. I'm too cheap for V-Day. Don't go with the crowd :-)

jenna said...

Love this post - love your honesty! I absolutely love making valentines with the girlies, but I'm with you on the "must get my wife flowers because it's the right thing to do"....i'd much rather get some tulips in March on an unexpected day!! :)