Wednesday, March 2, 2011

this blog world

Blogging has been interesting for me in the last several months.
I have had to table a lot of the things I have wanted to say. They are stored away & maybe they will make an appearance at some point.
We'll see.
I posted recently about a quote by Amy Carmichael.
I started to notice that often times the things that I wrote about were words defending myself or my point. I am not talking about the times that I had a genuine thought to share, but the ugly part of me that wanted to respond to someone or defend myself....using this as a platform.
And I am definitely a person who writes primarily for journaling - remembering the details of our days, getting out of my head what needs to be untangled in words, starting a conversation, & sharing the story with family who don't live near us....
And so I know that my audience is not large.
Never was shooting for the large.
But I am learning that even if the ears that hear are the pair belonging to one person who is influenced by what I say.....then I better carefully consider what I say.

A friend a little over a year ago described this blog community as the modern-day letters from Paul for her. She received such encouragement through this crazy form of technology.
And I totally agree with her.
I have been encouraged over & over again.
I have learned that I can make curtains for my windows with my own two hands.
I have found & tried countless recipes.
I have wondered if I should try to be gluten free.
I have laughed & cried.
And I have made friends.
And all mostly from people I have never, and will not ever meet.
But these blogs can also become a place to post passive aggressive arguments that can be hurtful.
And a place to lift ourselves much higher than we belong.
Another good friend reminded me before I had entered this crazy blog world to always remember that the picture you are looking at is painted by the get to see what they want you to see. I forget to place these views through a grid because the picture seems so pretty.
I am reminded that all is not as it seems.
And how quickly one can fall into the seductive side of the blog world can become a popularity contest.
A really really weird popularity contest.

So, I don't want to hold my heart back in fear of being disagreed with.
And I don't want to write for the approval of others either.
Being genuine on the internet is tough......
It's 2 dimensional.
And no doubt it is a relational tool. A powerful tool.
But it can never take the place of relationship.
And my identity must rest securely in One relationship .... & not one other.


Taylor Wise said...

All so true, Davis! I have had to learn to stay away from blogs that make me feel bad. In one way I admire them, but then in other ways I feel bad I am not doing all of the things that they are. The blog world can be so inspiring, but also hard to take.

Jill said...

Good stuff! I've been really quiet in blog world lately...just can't quite figure out what it is to me. I love to write, but then in the last year I've become "skiddish" for lack of a better term..hmm...good stuff here. I love your blog, by the way!

Elizabeth said...

I love this!! Thank you, thank you for sharing. (friend of Martha Cook's:))