Sunday, August 31, 2008

The New Room

Well, Lee & I are famous for waiting til the last minute, or as we like to call it....working well under pressure. This way we don't waste anymore time dawdling over details than necessary. Like say, getting ready for the baby. We are about 3 weeks away & we decided to finally get the older kids settled in their new room, we haven't put the nursery together yet - but we'll get there, carseat not quite installed - but it will happen. We bought the car & we're on the road to being ready...we're just no there yet. But last night was the 1st night for the kids to sleep in their big new room. The girl slept in a big girl bed for the 1st time - she's been in a toddler bed & she's been fine there...but she LOVES her new bed. She only wishes that her daddy would "paint it pink."
She also doesn't understand why our car isn't going to be pink. She will get used to all of these things. She noticed there are castles on her bedspread. She said, "Are these castles?!"
"Yes" i replied.
"I LOVE cinderella castle beds!!!!!'
Here are some pictures of the excitement of trying to get them to bed the 1st night. They are obsessed with the closet......

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KK said...

Seriously, what are you going to rename your blog? and 2 became 6? Did you really completely think all the logistic through when you decided to add to your family? Ha! Can't wait to see pictures of the newest Mitchell. Hang in there. You and Kat Booth must be due at exactly the same time?

Ashleigh said...

We so have the same issues. Here I am 3 days past my due date and we finished our basement TODAY. Car seat got in the car right on my due date. A bag?? Yeah.. haven't packed that yet. I'm starting to wonder if maybe the baby is waiting on ME.

Jill said...

So cute!! Love the new look on the blog, by the way!