Wednesday, August 6, 2008

"what would you like?"

So, L likes to play "What would you like, Mom? It's her new favorite game. She takes my order - & when I give my requests she is usually out of it. Which is wierd since we're playing pretend and all. "What would you like, Mom?"
"Um, I'd like a tomato sandwich, please"
"we don't have tomatoes, but you can have a hanburgner with carrots & ice cream"
"Well, OK. That sounds great. Thanks"
Where does she come up with stuff like that? I don't ever ask her to eat things like that.
Anyway, we are playing one day & she says "what would you like, mom?"
"Just some water would be nice, thanks"
Her response left my jaw on the floor...."You like a Decaf grande cinnamon dolce latte. With whip?"
She doesn't hear me ask her to pick her clothes off the floor or put her toys away, but THAT she gets?
So, while we were at the beach I splurged & made her a milkshake. She sat at the bar & I asked her what she would like. A little confused with the question turned on her - I asked her, "would you like a milkshake with strawberries?"
Big smiles.
"With whip?"

And this is the sugar low that followed.
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Ashleigh said...

hahahahahahaha :) I love her.

The O'Brien Family said...

Are yo sewing these days? DO you use the FOE method on the angrychicken blogs. I love the dress she made in blue....hit me an email back and tell me how hard you think her method is.

Jill said...

She is a girl after my own heart...

Anonymous said...

thats really funny! I love it!