Monday, November 5, 2007

meet Lucy

As soon as the little girl was born I made a conscious effort to make sure that when she became attached to a favorite toy, blanket or stuffed animal - that it would be replaceable. So I was strategic. I only put certain things in her crib. I actually hid the ones that i knew were irreplaceable with the thought that we would bring them out when she was older. And it all worked out well....for a while.
One day, I was going through some baskets & boxes & Lu was with me. She pulled a lamb that the Shannon Low & family gave to her out of the basket. It was love at first sight. She hasn't gone many moments without "Lucy." Lee & I get a sick feeling in the pits of our stomach every time we have to "give Lucy a bath." The fear that one day she will simply come out in shreds.
I have looked for replacements, just to have a back up, & all that I have found is a photo of a "lucy" on ebay by a user looking for the same thing I am.....a backup. Some insurance. This is just a heartbreak I know I will never be ready for her to go through. I do have a soft heart.
So Lucy goes with us everywhere & it's become kind of humorous to me as I look through pictures to see all of the places she has been with us. Many times by accident. And I have begun to take some on purpose.
Because Lucy is such an important part of our family, i felt it necessary to introduce you all to her. So without further's Lucy.

Lucy has really been there through it all & she is grateful that you took the time to "meet" her :).

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shannon Low said...

that makes me so happy
p.s. my new puppy is named lucy :)