Thursday, August 14, 2008

growing up

I was looking back at some pictures of the kids & I noticed how young my girl looks only 7 months ago. And she let me know last night that she has certainly grown in this time. You see, even though she had welcomed a little brother into her world - I'm not sure she totally "got it." And when we let her know another baby was coming - I'm sure it didn't totally register either. But last night, we were reading on the sofa & the baby started moving all over the place! I said, "Put your hand on my belly"
"I don't want to"
She has obeyed this request many times only to feel a still tummy so I understood - I mean, how wierd that your mom would keep hounding you to "Feel my belly! Feel my belly!"
I'm sure I creep her out.
But I knew the baby was active so i said, "Pleeeeeeeeeeease. Just this once"
And she did. And the baby moved. And that girl's eyes were as big as pancakes.
She looked at my tummy - shocked - & then looked up at me.
Then she pulled my shirt up & she SAW the baby moving.
It was such a fun moment. Seeing discovery in someone's face is truly priceless.
Lee walked in the room..."Daddy! The baby is moving!"
She took her hand away after a few moments & as we continued reading she would sneak it back onto my tummy with this shy little grin.
She asks me every day if her sister is coming out today.
She has even put "big girl panties" on the chair for "the baby in my belly"
This little girl knows that she is the big sister & that she has a little sister coming. Her understanding seems so crystal clear & I think she's as excited as we are.
I asked her a few questions...
"What do you think the baby will look like?
"She looks like brother, but smaller"
"What color do you think her hair will be?"
"'s blue."
I really hope she's wrong on that last one.


Anonymous said...

How sweet! I wish I were there to see this little baby moving. I just can't wait to meet her.
Love you!

Natalie said...

Of course...why wouldn't the baby have blue hair? That's one to write down in the baby book!

How fun that she got to feel the baby moving!