Monday, August 11, 2008

the tooth doctor

Well, we went to the "tooth doctor" for the 1st time today. A few months overdue for this visit - but we've had a lot going on. She was great. She's kind of a wildcard when it comes to stuff like this so I wasn't sure, but we talked it through beforehand, she seemed cool calm & collected in the waiting room & when we went back & she sat in the big chair I just sat back & let her be the patient. I didn't chime in much. Except when the hygenist asked her if she sucked her thumb.......
"Um, no. Only last night when I was a baby."
Bold faced lie.
And I love her concept of time. Everything is last night, today or tonight. Past, present & future. So I poilitely said, "yes, she does suck her thumb." Other than that I let her be. And she was a champion! Answered questions & did all that they asked her to do. I was very proud.
I mean, just look at her! So brave. So calm.
And look at those pearly whites!
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Anonymous said...

Yay Lu! So proud!