Sunday, August 24, 2008

blah blah blah

I promise to post pictures energy level is runnning on low towards empty & I realize that it doesn't take much effort to take a picture, but then to plug it all into the computer & upload it...well, I'm exhausted thinking about it. But I will get some up soon. Not of me, of course, but of something.
In the meantime, here's a story.
We were driving to my sister's house for dinner the other night - we exited & took a left across a bridge. The girl saw the cars driving under the bridge on the interstate....."Yook mom! Yook! The cars - they are chasing each other!"
How adorable is that?
I'm having to rely on these adorable moments to get me through these patience is running thin & my energy level, well I've already touched on that. Im at the complain-y part of pregnancy & I have really not ever been here. The end of pregnancy has never bothered me. I love being pregnant - I have always said it & some women say mean things about me behind my back because I've said this before. And i never understood how someone could not enjoy this. But i have never been pregnant in the summer time. Yuck. I'm not loving summertime pregnancy. Before I go on & on & on I'm going to hit the sack & get some rest that may help my attitude.
Nighty night friends.


Ashleigh said...

I'm SO at that stage with you. I think it's this third one that totally takes it out of you... my body can't take it anymore. I feel almost completely immobile and crabbier than I have ever been. You are not alone friend. The end is near!

andyjillroberts said... sounds like you might need a chocolate chip cake delivered to your door...