Tuesday, August 26, 2008


This is what we are living in right now. And I'm not blaming anyone because I have known good & well that a baby is planning to join our family in the VERY near future....so why would we start doing work on the house - work that requires us to be moved out of every closet, our master bedroom & bath? Who does this? I mean, I remember a dumpster being dropped off at our house for a kitchen renovation when I was SIX months pregnant with the boy.....I have done this. You would think I have learned. But the idea of the other side of the work makes me so giddy I guess it overpowered basic logic. So this is what we are living in - one is our LIVING room the other is the room where we are "sleeping." I should actually go clean that bed off so that I can at least get a good night's sleep tonight. So, however messy your house may be right now....take a good look at these pictures & just feel better about yourself.
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Margaret Feldmayer said...

Davis, This picture would now be my new screen saver, if I actually knew how to do that. I have a whole room that looks like this picture, and Bob and I have to clean it out so we can make a place for a bed for one of the boys. It's true, misery does love company!


your cousin Margaret