Tuesday, August 26, 2008

pure delight

So a special person had a birthday & the girl & I made brownies to celebrate. How many memories come back when you see this picture......mine come rushing back from childhood all the way to Sunday, when we made brownies for our friend's bday.....because in case you're wondering where the other mixer thing is....well, I had it & it rocked. So go celebrate something...make some brownies & lick the bowl. I think it's essential in training a child up well :).
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Ashleigh said...

Love this picture... and you are crazy. Yes I'm still freaking pregnant. Getting ready for a September baby. Maybe even October.

andyjillroberts said...

It IS essential in training a child up well..for sure!! Some of my favorite childhood memories are baking with my Mom..I have a few pictures very similar to that one. I love it!! (And, I think I'm proof that you can develop an immunity to raw eggs..I ate so much dough growing up and we never worried about a thing!)