Tuesday, September 2, 2008

1st day

Today was the 1st day for the girl to go to preschool. For whatever reason, I have had a hard time pulling the trigger on this one but now that it's here....I'm excited for her. Especially with the baby coming, I think it will be great for her to have her own place to get away to a few hours a week. We started the day of well - a great breakfast & no problems getting out the door.
I told her I wanted to take a few pictures & she has started this new theatrical stance whenever the camera comes out so you'll get to see a very colorful side of my girl. And she is colorful.
This is her in the carpool line - cool as a cucumber. I teared up & yelled several "I LOVE YOU"s as she walked away & never looked back. The boy & I missed her very much...well, I took a nap & got some things done while the kid slept - so it was an A+ morning for us all, I would say.
We ended the night after an exciting afternoon that I'll post on in a moment. We celebrated the 1st dat of preschool with a cookie cake. Yum. This big fat pregnant woman enjoyed it.
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Jill said...

Oh yay!! So glad it went well! And, can I just say, I now know ANOTHER reason why we are friends..you celebrated with cookie cake!! Good call on that one...it's so cute!

Rebecca Allman said...

Yay! I love the cake, you're such a fun mom, I love it! I want to do that some day! I can't believe she's going to school! Unbelievable!