Tuesday, April 29, 2008

How we found out

So, we went to dinner & Lee's mom has had the envelope revealing the gender of this baby for a few hours. She is wearing a blue shirt - I giggled & said, "It's definitely a boy." We sat down - chatted for a little while & then we decided it was time to tell. Gram handed the envelope to PaPa & he told us that we are having a girl. We were in shock. Our facial expressions caught on camera are pretty...well, unattractive, so I'll share the ones of the kids. It was such a fun night & it has been super fun to know about this little girl.
I know this - God has big plans for her & I am humbled & grateful to be a part of her story. Some sweet sweet neighbors brought over a pink "lovie" blanket for this baby. It really hit home. I'm excited :).

And I think they are too.......though the boy doesn't look it in this picture. He was starving so I'll cut him some slack. And he's being promoted very early to big brother status - the jury is still out on how he feels about it.

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Natalie said...

I'm so excited that you're having a girl! Maybe our girls will be in Waumba together!