Friday, April 11, 2008

Boys vs Girls

First of all, my husband just kissed me on the cheek & said he's headed up to bed for the night. But he left the Masters on the TV. It seemed like normal background noise while he was sitting here, but now that he's gone I just can't figure out why it's still on....I'm just not interested in golf. You can call me crazy but then we'll get in an argument because's golf.
Playing golf?
I have no problems with that. I like to knit. But I would never watch other people knit on television - or pay ticketes to see it live for that matter. And I consider them equal on the scale of boring-ness.

Moving on....

I've noticed something as a mom over time & I've been thinking about it a lot lately as the "tie-breaker" is growing in my belly. We have a girl & a boy. Which means when either of them does something unique, it is often times credited to the fact that they are a girl or a boy.

A gender thing.

People will comment..."Oh that's just what girls do" or "That's how boys are." And something has always felt weird about that comment to me & I think I've put my finger on it. My kids are individuals to me - but to others - it is a boy and a girl. It feels like 2 of the most important people in my life have been placed in a category & all of the funny little things they do are just "expected" because of their gender.

But to my friends who have 2 boys or 2 girls.....each boy or girl has their own personality.

"Well, Travis likes to sit & read where Patrick just has to keep busy."

but if "Samantha like to sit & color, & John is always running in circles" then it's a boy vs girl issue.

You see, maybe before I had kids I had an idea of wanting certain genders in a certain order. But now that I have met each of my children, I see these people...these very unique people. One happens to be a girl and the other happens to be a boy. But that doesn't matter to me & I'm pretty sure it did many years ago & I'm not sure why. But this baby in my tummy is either a boy or a girl (God willing). And he or she will be unique from her brother & sister & certainly will be similar in some ways. And I certainly don't expect he or she to be just like her brother or sister according to his or her gender.

I honestly can hardly wait to meet this person. As nervous as I have been about having a 3rd human being to care for - I have felt incomplete in the house without this baby I have never even met. How can a heart get so big & not explode?


Heather said...

I so agree with you on golf!!! nuff said! :)

Also agree with you about my home feeling incomplete without #3 and it being scary to have 3 to care for! oh I can't wait for August.

When do you guys find out? Are you going to find out?

KK said...

You probably really have something there. I sometimes find myself thinking the chunky monkey acts more like a little boy than her sister. Guess it is just because she isn't just like her. Thank heavens, I want them to be individuals. May they both get their father's metabolism!