Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Deep thoughts

Sunday morning was a little crazy - just trying to get everyone fed & bathed & dressed for church. After church I had to run an errand & when I came home the kids had just gone down for their naps. I heard the girl moving around upstairs so went to say hey. I laid next to her. We gave hugs & then I put my hands on her cheeks. I felt like sharing a very important truth with my little girl. One of those moments - those precious teachable moments when you know they are absorbing every word you say. I loooked her in the eyes & held her face close & said,

"I love you sooooooooooo much. And God loves you & made you just the way you are. And He has a purpose for your life."

Her eyes got real big as she whispers,

"I pooted"


"Have a good nap"

Mom exits.


Heather said...

Don't you just love those moments?

Ashleigh said...

I needed to hear this today. I just got off the phone telling Jeff how I don't think I can handle another boy in this house... and turns out your conversations sound VERY MUCH like mine!

The O'Brien Family said...

Do we have the same children?

Mary Harwell said...

This made me laugh out loud! I love it that you were trying to have this serious moment and she was just busy doing 'something else'!! TOO FUNNY!

Gibsons said...

this is making us laugh out loud right now!!! haha, i love it!! i would love to make you a bag, it is still and on going hobby. here is my email address so we can work it out- clarissar1@hotmail.com