Sunday, April 6, 2008

What did you do this weekend?

So, I was sitting on the sofa with the boy waiting for the girl to wake up from her nap. I thought I heard her moving around upstairs through the monitor so I yell up, "Are you awake?!"

And she answers very softly, "Uh. (pause) No. (pause) I not."

She showed her face a few minutes later.

"Go sit on the potty for a second, OK?"

"Um, OK. I can do dat." She answered.

She's gone for a while so I go to check on her.

She's locked herself in the bathroom. Now, I didn't know the bathroom had a lock, but apparently it does & she can't open it. I try to explain to her how the lock works - no dice.

I get the screw driver out & it's one of those really old door knobs & that isn't working. So I climb a ladder outside - remember, I'm pregnant - can't really get to the window. OH, forgot to mention Lee was getting the car fixed during all of this. So, I put my child development hat back on....she's 3, she's 3.....I get the markers out. I draw a picture of the door knob & draw an arrow to where the lock is. I slide it under the door. She's thinks the drawing is funny, for whatever reason. She's just giggling in the bathroom. I explain to her what the drawing is & can she unlock the door. "OH, yes. I can do dat."

Still, no dice.

So I decided to make this time productive. I slide flash cards under the door. She laughs each time she gets one. It was very entertaining.

In walks Lee. He's a man. He gets a hammer, a chisel & a saw. He cuts the door knob off. "Stand back!" Things got heated. He says he's going to "bust the door down" so I (naturally) grab the camera.

So we get her out...right?!

Well, Lee & I think we should show you the clips of video from the event. The battery on the camera kept dying, so you'll get it in pieces. It's like Grey's Anatomy, except we don't need writers for stuff like this.

During part of this 1st video you'll Hear Lee ask the girl to grab some "letters" - her bath letters - and get in the bath tub. Away from the door. Because....well, he's gonna "bust it down." She responds by telling us each letter she has chosen to take into the bathtub with her- "I got an 'H' and a 'L', etc... Just to translate b/c her voice doesn't come through very well. OH, and turn your head to the left a little bit - I can't figure out how to turn this thing the right way. Enjoy! And stay tuned for the rest of the story....

I think may favorite part of t his video is Lee flashing his arm muscles....lest I doubt his door breaking down ability.


The O'Brien Family said...

hilarious!! can't wait to hear and hopefully see more!

erin said...

you go with your pregnant belly again! i thought you were!

Merri Williams said...

Oh, my goodness - the Adventures of Miss Lu!

Keep us posted!


Ashleigh said...

I totally love this. Wondering if she is out yet though!??

Heather said...

That is hilarious!

Troy said...

Mary and I were rolling watching Lee try to knock the door down. I especially appreciated his try to gently push the door down with his fingertips after the kicking failed.

Kick that sucker down like budda.