Thursday, December 27, 2007

woo woo! oh man!

Christmas morning was fun. L went to bed swearing that she heard reindeer. And after we tucked her & the kid in & said our prayers - Lee & I were downstairs relaxing & I remembered that we had forgotten to leave Santa his cookies! So we got her up. She was so excited but not totally sure about what.

When L enters a situation she tends to take it all in & when she's got her bearings, she just lets loose. This morning was no different. She saw toys, but she didn't react immediately. She stood there & was quiet. We asked her some questions, "Do you see the toys that Santa brought you & B?" She nodded. It wasn't much longer after that - it was like we put coffee in her sippy cup or something. She was wired. When she was opening a present that daddy & I gave her, she actually said, "Woo Woo!" & then, "Oh Man!" She's a crack up. I didn't know she knew those terms & she used them so perfectly in a sentence. I have it on video. CLICK HERE

I'll translate for those who may not totally understand what she's goes something like this..."woo woo. oh man! I have seen this before"

Merry Christmas everybody! And...Woo Woo!

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