Tuesday, January 8, 2008

This Year....Simplify

Some may be thinking that I have given up blogging for the New Year, but it just isn't so. In fact, I've added a lot "to do's" for 2008. I used to give things up - like chocolate, sweets altogether, cokes, but with all the reading & exercising & organizing I've heaped on myself for this year I don't see that giving up chocolate is going to help me in any way. I've realized this January that a blank slate is a dangerous thing for me....well, at least a blank calendar is. It's screaming for me to "fill it up"! I'm trying to stay focused this year & not fill up my calendar like I tend to do. The kids are so much happier when we are not rushing around trying to do things that are not nearly as important as just being home....the days of us all being home are numbered - I know that. So this year, I'm letting go of the need to be included & be involved - the need to be busy - you know that feeling that keeps you up way too late? The feeling like you might miss out. I'm letting go of that this year.
I hope you are all having happy new years - I'll keep blogging. I mean hey, with all this together time there's bound to be some good blogging material, right?

And, now, to catch you up on some pictures of the fam.....

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Ashleigh said...

Your fam is really cute.