Monday, December 17, 2007

the best day

My girl seems to love time more than anything. If life gets a little hectic, she responds to that with tantrums & sudden loss of hearing...but if you give her undivided quality time.....she snaps back. Before Bo came, she & i were together a lot. She is most fun to run errands with, have lunch with, grab coffee with.....she & I had a lot of time & a lot of fun together. We don't get as much of that 1 on 1 anymore & we both miss it. So for her birthday - the actual day, the 3 of 3 birthday parties - I decided to see if someone could be with the boy so she & I could hang out for a day. We had breakfast together at McDonald's & then we picked up her best friend & her mother. We went to Sketchy's Art Pad, which is the coolest place ever! An open art studio for kids. There is a plexiglass easel & chalk boards & paint & glue & noodles & glitter & clay & just everything fit for a kids creative mind.
And so went birthday party #3. The final birthday party. And it's a good thing. She was getting a little too comfortable in the spot light. Life will be back to normal just in time for Santa's visit & then I suppose we'll be back to square one.
I can't believe I have a 3 year old!

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