Sunday, December 2, 2007

christmas tree

What a great day! Most of the day was spent with family & extended family from all over at The Mitchell Family Christmas Party. Santa visited & handed out some toys, we ate lunch, played a gift game & the Lee Mitchells came home to bake cookies & decorate a tree. LuLu got a pair of slippers (that sort of match Mommy's :) )

My sweet Father In Law asked me a question yesterday. He asked if I liked Christmas. I had to admit that Christmas was not always my favorite holiday - don't get me wrong - I always had that excitement in my stomach each Christmas eve & there are traditions I always looked forward to, but there was definitely always a little stress added to this holiday for different reasons. But God is so good & has restored it for me. When Lee & I married - life kind of "stabilized" for me. He's so steady & he brings that to our family. I am the dramatic one & can over think or over emotionalize just about anything. He keeps us all steady. Christmas began to feel .... steady. And then on December 17th when we met our little girl for the first time....well, Christmas has become something I look forward to all year long. Hot chocolate, marshmallows, a new Christmas CD, old Christmas music, pulling out the ornaments....all of it. I am so excited for all of it! The best part for me, is getting to tell Lu about Santa Claus & all that goes along with that....but to remind her that Christmas is about Jesus being born & that being good is not what makes Him love her....or me. What a gift to be reminded of that with all the effort put forth to pleasing others know that God knew that we could never do it on our own....we needed help. And so Christmas - such a special time to focus & get a little girl to hear a little bit about unconditional love & saving grace.

So, may you enjoy this Christmas season as much as I am.


The O'Brien Family said...

Lu is absolutely beautiful, Davis! Thank you for sharing your heart on your blog. I find it so encouraging! By the way, your elves are precious, I am going to copy!

Ashleigh said...

oh.. you guys are so cute. Miss you friend. I enjoy reading your blog.