Friday, December 14, 2007

one of three

So my precious little pumpkin is turning 3. And for many different reasons, she will have 3 birthday parties. All small, mostly with just family. She will spend her actual birthday with her very best friend - but as for the blowing out the candle will just be family. A friend made total sense of this for me by saying, "Well, I mean, she IS turning three. So it makes perfect sense that she should have THREE parties" What am I setting myself up for here? It can't be good. 10 parties for the 10th? I just don't see it.
My dad, sister, etc were all here this week so we celebrated birthday party #1. Such fun. She LOVES cupcakes, And she totally "gets" the opening presents thing. Seems to thoroughly enjoy that part. And it seems for me that December, which already held its own challenges to the waistline...great food, someone always baking cookies, every excuse in the book to just indulge, has gotten worse for me. We threw a birthday in the mix. With cake, pizza, candy, & on & on. And with the whole 3 birthday parties....well, i'm doomed. It's sure to be a disaster for me & my relationship with my blue jeans. But I digress. The cupcakes were a hit. The scooter & the tee ball set given to L by her granddaddy are also a hit. The books that her aunt, uncle & cousin gave her....i just finished reading them to her & put her in the bed. It's been a blast & will continue to be a blast...I'll keep you posted with birthday party pictures :). Here's birthday party #1!

And this is what we had to put to bed that night.......ahhhhhh the joy of sugar.

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