Monday, December 17, 2007

two of three

So birthday party #2 happened & was much fun. Lu's highlights are too many to list - but the balloons were up there. She had 3 balloons, 3 pizzas & 3 friends...well, 2 cousins & a brother. She was fun to watch - she has an enthusiasm that is contagious. She actually ate her pizza AND her cake with her face. Not kidding. She actually did this last year, too. I'm not sure what stops me from correcting her. Maybe I'm envious. I would love to feel that freedom. No fork, no fingers....just her face. She blew out the candles & I, once again, forgot to tell her to make a wish. Next year we'll hit that point. When we got home we gave her an "extruder kit" - i'll explain. The family business that Lee works with is a ceramic manufacturing plant. One division of the company extrudes ceramic play dough. So we really gave her a play dough kit....but it's much more fun to say we got her an "extruder kit" - & we'll keep on calling it that. Lee & I were talking after the kids were in bed about the party & one thing he asked me was, "did you see L going around the table eating everyone else's leftover cake?" It explains a lot actually.

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