Saturday, March 19, 2011

he is four

The day started just like this.
We woke that boy up with a chipper little song & a camera.
And at first he wasn't thrilled.
Until he remembered that today was the day that he turned 4!!!
And at breakfast he said...."when we bless the food, do you think you can sing happy birthday to me again??"

My boy was born on the 1st day of March madness 4 years ago. Lee & I had just had a lunch date to celebrate all the games....nerdy highlighters & brackets in hand. And a week early he decided to make his appearance in the middle of that night. After the games were over. But i sat in the hospital in very active labor.....bracket in hand.
And so basketball cookies were made.
And on the way to school he casually said, "Mom, will you pray for the day & maybe you could pray for my birthday??"

Dinner at the favored spot.

His sister wrapped the present she bought for him & unbeknownst to me, she also wrapped 2 of his favorite books from our playroom :).
He was so excited.....about the books that already belong to him.
Which just makes me really happy.
And the Christmas wrapping paper.
It's just all so awesome.
This whole birthday - full of all kinds of awesome.
We had the baby go to the grandparents & we took the bigs bowling.
Videos to follow.

And then the frogs.
Bill & Sally.
He immediately & assuredly named them.
Bill. and Sally.
And that was that.
This boy.....I had 2 sisters growing up. Lots of drama. Crying....oh the crying...mostly by me. I still don't know how to fully communicate without the tears. And though I assumed that I would be the mother of all boys, marrying a boy with only brothers....I took biology....I knew things....I just assumed.....boys.
But when I met him for the first time....
I just never knew.
Having a son.
No. That's not it.

It is him.
It's this particular boy......oh how I love him.
His 'matter of fact' way about things.
His shrug of the shoulders, his 'sure', his shy way, the fact that I can always bank on the fact that he is behind my left thigh at all times, the way he cares for his sisters, the way he lays his clothes out each night, I love him.
I never knew how much I could ... and I just cannot believe that he is four!
That it was just 4 years ago that we met him......Happy birthday mister.
I'm so thankful for you. Just as you are.
I'm so excited to have front row seats during this time of your life.
I wouldn't miss it for the world.
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