Monday, March 21, 2011

the final celebration....

If you have ever known me know that I like to stretch out the birthday celebrating.
A week.....a month....
and it should go without saying that by the end we are all ready to tear the crown off the head of the center of attention.
But we all have a turn & it's fun.
So this was the day that we wrapped it all up.
With some family & a buddy at the playground.
It was great & he was so happy to be celebrated again.

Please check out the sunglasses over the baseball hat...his doing. I bet i'll have a fast forward picture of this in about 14 years.
There's some peanut buttercream frosting (and while we're it peanutbuttercream? peanutbutter cream? what is gramatically correct??) on that bad boy.....and it was fabulous.
I did give up sweets for Lent...but I made a conscious decision about a week ago to enjoy a cupcake on this particular day.
And it was yummy.

His uncle gave him a Buzz Lightyear belt. He's a fan. birthday coming up is Lee's......
and then it's mine all mine.

Happy Birthday Big man!!!

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Taylor W said...

Happy Birthday to your little man! ANd those basketball cookies are impressive.

Nancy C said...

AT least Lent will be over by your birthday and you can enjoy more than one cupcake. When is Lee's birthday?

Natalie said...

My Mom always called it "birthday season" which could last well over a month. I loved it! Happy Birthday little man!