Friday, March 11, 2011

Those Cupcake Kids :)

Almost a year ago, I think it was Easter weekend, some kids got together & with the help of some very generous people were able to bring attention to a place where God's precious children were not being cared for properly. And the people responsible for caring for them simply needed some help.
And then again.....more friends spread out over Atlanta, surrounding neighborhoods & even as far as South Carolina....children spent allowances to buy supplies, helped their parents bake some cupcakes, made some great signs & spent their days being a voice for these kids very far away that didn't really have a voice.
There's a big cupcake kids sale coming up & you can be a part of it from wherever you are. In fact, there are a few states(and only just a few) not representing just yet so feel free to pass this along to all of the friends you know all over the world!
Here's what I know. My kids' eyes were opened to something & I couldn't have done that for them. They were invited to be a part. They said yes. And their prayers are lifted up almost daily for the kids spoken for on those days. Their hearts were pricked a little bit in the compassion department .... all because of some cupcakes.
So go check it out & make plans to be a cupcake kid!
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