Monday, January 31, 2011


Lee & I were ready to have a 'regular' babysitter. But we wanted someone who would love our family. Someone who would want to linger. Someone who would love my kids, not just tolerate them.
And we prayed for someone.
And a random resume came to my inbox as they so often do. I had never called one of those people before but this girl was a Young Life leader & I do love a Young Life leader.
And we gave it shot.
It was a match made in Heaven.
AG loved us & we loved her.
She walked into our house, we made introductions & she made it clear that she wasn't a fan of stickers & corrected my big girl when she didn't address me with a "yes, Ma'am," and she made up amazing stories to tell them & played hide & seek....& she loved them so well.
And she was a part of us. The person who could just come over & spend the day. The person who let you know that absolutely you can wear those red shoes with the black dress.
She was my friend & Lee's friend & a fun sister type of person to my kids.
And she moved.
And we miss her.
And I am feeling a little like Shel Silverstein with all of my short little choppy sentences.
But she comes back & visits & today we had her for the afternoon & she saved the day by tucking the babes in bed for us tonight.
She's our super special friend & she made our day today.

Come back AG!
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