Wednesday, January 19, 2011

snowjam pics

I was so excited about the snow coming.
I actually don't really like snow.
Unless I'm skiing & even then I prefer it to be super sunny.
And powdery.
And in Colorado.
I'm a little high maintenance when it comes to things of the weather.
And it's not really that I don't like the snow - I just prefer to not be in it.
I'd rather be inside.
By a fire.
With a cup of hot cocoa in my hands.
With whipped cream on top.
Not marshmallows.
And I like to snuggle under blankets with my man & my babies & watch movies.
With the hot chocolate & some popcorn would be nice.

Anyway....moving along.
I was excited for the kids to see the snow & I even wanted them to stay up to see it begin to cover the ground, but they were crying to be put in the beds.....
So as soon as we all woke up I had them gather the snow for the snowcream that, you know, we had for breakfast.
Notice the PJs and lack of wintery clothes...
I get why we don't have the snow plows.
It's the same reason I have not invested in big fluffy down coats.
For any of us.

The stuff is good....sort of.....the idea of snowcream is better than the actual snowcream.
Or maybe I need to play with the recipe.
The chocolate syrup was a plus - it always is, right?

These are the things I do well in the snow.
I do the inside stuff well.
And I'm comfortable with that part of me.

More to come. I'm on a strict bedtime these days.

Gotta run.

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