Thursday, January 27, 2011


Lee & I were out together recently. I have no idea where we were, but we were sans kiddos, which is rare these days and anyway, he asked me a question.

Something along the lines of - "what's a word that you hope people use to describe you?"


He's a good question-asker that husband o mine.

And my answer left me feeling pretty convicted. Like a punch in the stomach.


That's the answer.

The truth is that I am so incredibly aware that I am willing to give compassion to those whom I choose to give compassion to. Children without families, people without food, families who have lost a child, a friend in need, the friend of a friend whom I happen to have nuggets of information to make it personal enough for me to be truly compassionate, people without, I will stand up & shout from the box of 'social justice' get the picture. I'm just being honest. The people that are 'easy' to be compassionate for.
But the people who disagree with me.
The people who don't see the world through my eyes.
The people who don't pull the weight I think they should.
People who misrepresent the Gospel.
People who are not generous to help others.
People who I may stamp as "selfish"
Friends who have treated me unfairly.
People who have talked behind my back.
Just simply the people I choose to not have compassion for.

And I was reading along in Mark. "...and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you..."

I'm not comfortable with that.
What measure do I use?
Because any measure I use is enough to convict me.
And I thought of Jesus hanging on the cross - betrayed. beaten. dying.

and innocent.

And He asked the Father to forgive them.

What measure is that?

It's one that understands the big picture.
How can I place myself so prominently central in a story that is not about me?
Or even about the things I see as important.
If I truly lived my life as one who "got it" - compassion would come easy.
And the great God in all His grace & gently showing me this yucky part of myself & I will let the Great Physician do His work.

What's your word?


Jill said...

Oh wow...good stuff. You always leave me thinking....thank you. Also, a good question. Someone just recently described me as (something along the lines of) always having a positive attitude. And while I almost laughed inside (this was at work, and I think I'm very much seen that way at work, but home can be another story..UGH..thinking on that), it actually meant a ton to me. That was probably the #1 trait I'd say about my Mom. So I was surprised when I found myself almost in tears when someone said that about me because of how much it meant. So, perhaps that's my answer to that question? Good stuff.

Anne Genevieve said...

this is another example of why YOU davis mitchell, are my hero-friend-mentor. because you're not afraid to put it out there, dig deep, and let Jesus do His thing. and you're not afraid to help others do the same. i'm gonna tell you this - it's one of the reasons you're kids are amazing and it's one of the things that makes you a stinking amazing friend - just sayin. as for my word... i'm not so sure, but maybe faithful follower. but that's two words.