Wednesday, January 26, 2011

the dynamic duo

I love these 2.
She's totally a mother hen & he's totally getting tired of it.
But then we have moments like this.
I'm thankful they have one another.
I pray each night that they will be the best of friends - that they will spur one another along in their walk with the Lord. That they will encourage one another to do the right thing. That they will be for each other.

I remember the night he was born. We didn't know there was a big old boy growing & when we learned that indeed he was....Lee said he was thankful to break up the drama :).

He's the boy that though forced to wear the tu-tu in the in-home dance recital prefers to simply announce the dances. In a cowboy hat. I didn't grow up with boys & I'm loving this.

I'm loving the brother sister dynamic.

I'm loving their dynamic.

I never could have imagined it would be this amazing. Being their mother.

But God always did.

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Nancy C said...

I would love to hear those laughs! What great smiles!

The Doster's said...

This post makes me happy

The Doster's said...

This post makes me happy